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WD TV Live 1080p Wireless Streaming Media Player



Wirelessly stream the latest movies, hit TV shows, Internet entertainment, and your personal media collection to the biggest screen in the house. With the WD TV Live streaming media player, you can enjoy it all in the comfort of your living room in Full-HD 1080p.

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  • The best of the Internet on your HDTV
  • Play virtually any media file format
  • Ready, set up, stream
  • High-performance, streaming-ready Wi-Fi
  • Show photos and movies directly from your digital camera or camcorder
  • Bring the arcade to your HDTV
  • Stay updated with RSS feeds
  • Programmable remote
  • Use your keyboard for easy searching and updating
  • Automatic play
  • HDMI and composite video output
  • SPDIF digital output


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  1. WD TV Live 1080p Wireless Streaming Media Player