The Action Camera

Simple to use, durable, lightweight and affordable, action cameras are an essential outdoors accessory. 

You’ve seen them strapped or mounted to mountain bikers, snowboarders, parachutists and surfers. Anywhere there’s exciting adventure, action cameras, like a GoPro, are to be found. And with reason - these cameras are designed to capture every second of the action, no matter the adventure.

But they’re not just for adrenaline junkies. You definitely don’t have to hurl yourself from a bridge, mountain or plane to get joy out of owning an action cam. 

What you can use an action cam for is only limited by the imagination. They can be used to capture all sorts of activities - holidays, camping, road trips, your pet's’ antics, trips to the park, or a good tramp. 

The real exciting thing about action cameras is that there are now an immense range of devices to choose from. It’s probably thanks to GoPro that action cams have become the latest must-have accessory, but there is now also a good selection of models to choose from a number of brands like Panasonic, Nikon, TomTom, Sony and Kaiser Bass. 

Whatever you want to do, there’s sure to be a model that suits your needs.

Actions cams vs smartphones

Many people might ask why they would need an action cam if they could just use their smartphone to record their summer fun. 

Although today’s smartphones now come with outstanding cameras, action cams are the better option for outdoors activities for several reasons. They are weather resistant and shockproof, so they are perfect for any activities where your phone might get dinged, dirty or wet. 

Water Proof Action camera


So it’s best to keep your phone safe and use an action cam if there’s water, sand, dust or mud involved - so most of the fun stuff! 

Action cams also feature image-stabilisation technology, so when things get a little bumpy (like when you’re running after your kids or dog at the beach), you still get great footage. 

Meanwhile, the latest action cam models have some nifty features that make them far easier to use than before. For instance, GoPro’s Hero5 has voice controls so you can command your camera with your voice, while many models now also have easy-to-use touchscreens.

Action cameras buying guide

Action cams are also incredibly versatile thanks to the exhaustive range of accessories available for them. 

That means an action cam can be kitted out for a wide range of sports and activities - both crazy or more chilled. 

Action camera handheld grip


Thanks to the diverse selection of action cam mounts to choose from these days, you can capture your adventures and experiences from whole new angles. Attach a camera to your chest, helmet or handlebars for a fresh view of the action, or mount a camera on your car dashboard to film your road trip. 

Or how about strapping a camera to a harness to your dog’s back to capture the action for its point-of-view as it chases after a ball on the beach? 

You can also switch up perspectives with telescopic POV (point-of-view) poles, or add a floatation device to your camera, along with a waterproof case, for those cool underwater shots. Plus, love or loathe ‘em, you can also get a selfie stick to put yourself in the action! 

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even attach your action cam to a drone for the most envy-inducing aerial footage of your exploits. 

Essential accessories to consider are extra batteries, protective cases and a memory card - you will need a high-speed micro SD card, however, to be able to record videos.

Action cameras buying guide

Action cams and their accessories can help you create more interesting memories. 

As well as switching up your angles and perspectives with accessions as described above, you can mix things up with your action camera’s built-in features. Vary your shots by going slo-mo or filming in fisheye or wide angle lens modes. 

Most devices come paired with apps, like GoPro’s Quik, to create short videos with intros, outros, transitions and music like a pro. 

Some models, like the GoPro Hero5 and Panasonic HX-A, now come with built-in wi-fi capability so you can upload and share your creations shots online while on the go, while many models also offer Bluetooth connectivity so you upload footage to your phone with ease. 

With such all-round versatility and durability, action cams can replace both your smartphone and any other video camera. 

Whatever the activity you want to capture, an action camera offers so many ways for you to create fun, interesting and action-packed mementoes of your adventures. So is there really any reason not to take an action camera with you on your next summer activity?

Tips for choosing an action camera

Mounting options

Most cameras are designed for versatility and can be mounted to any surface: dashboards, kayaks, the tips of snow skis, surfboards, you name it. Any activity which requires a helmet makes a head mounted camera a good choice - like a luge! It looks where you do, which means great first-person views and hands-free operation. Look for a camera with suitable mounts - either out the box, or as optional accessories.

Check the specs

Factors to review include the lens resolution (look for 5 megapixels or greater), storage capacity, resolution (4k is the latest ‘top’ resolution, 1080p is considered ‘high def’), framerate and the ability to adjust settings to select short, high-resolution video, or longer ones at a lower resolution.

Action camera point of view



Video is almost always better with sound. Find out which cameras capture audio best for your activity - some have features such as wind-noise reduction to improve the soundtrack.

Need help?

Noel Leeming offers customers service and support to get up to speed with their new technology. With action cams, assistance includes how to download and edit footage. Improving the value you get from your device can be as simple as spending a half hour discovering its features and how to use it best with your computer.

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