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Need some tips to help you find the right TV? Or are you simply looking for smart technology that could help simplify your work or play environment? Yes, we can help!

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Tip 1 - Think about what you use it for and where you need to use it.

Tip 2 - Do you need it for work or play?

Tip 3 - Did you know that super zoom cameras offer incredible flexibility? Their built-in lenses can take an extreme close up picture one minute and then a take a wide angle landscape the next, without a delay. Super zooms offer 20x, 40x and even 65x zoom ranges all available in store and online.

What operating system to suit your lifestyle - Android or Windows?

Android: With millions of app, games, songs and videos on Google play. Android is fun and ideal for getting things done.
Windows: With Windows 8.1 multiple accounts can be created so everyone's set up stays the way they want it. Not only that, but your files, apps and settings follow you to any other Windows 8.1 product that you sign in to.

Computer Features:

Quad Core - Quad core processors mean you can do more and do it faster. And because they use less power, they cost you less to run.
360 Degrees - 360 degree notebooks allow you to have the freedom to work, play and create the way you want, at any angle you want it

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Tip 1 - Choose your size

  • Measure your space: You may find out you have room for a much bigger screen than you were expecting. But remember the bigger the screen the further you'll need to sit away from it to get the best view.

Tip 2 - Set yourself a budget

  • Once you've worked out how much you want to spend you can start looking at how far you can make that money go.

Tip 3 - Habits

  • Select a model that is perfect for your viewing habits or check out our TV buyers guide

Samsung Clear Motion Rate - With Samsung advanced Clear Motion Rate (CMR) technology, even the fast moving scenes are delivered with clarity. A higher CMR means clearer viewing and less motion blur, so you can enjoy action films, sports and other entertainment at their very best. This technology is possible due to an enhanced panel refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology. That means viewing that's clearly better.


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Tip 1 - Practicality – consider the space you have.

  • Top loader: perfect if you are limited for space and for the budget conscious.

  • Front loaders: perfect if space isn't an issue, they are also gentle on clothes.

Tip 2 - Drum size and speed

  • Think about, how often you wash and how many people are in your family.

Tip 3 - Efficiency

  • Look for the energy star rating.

Tip 4 - Features

  • Consider your needs; features could include child lock, delay timer,
    and wash cycles.


Tip 1 - Know your needs

  • Do you have space for a built-in or freestanding?

Tip 2 - Consider variety

  • If you like to cook, a double oven may be a good option. Other options include the pyrolytic (self-cleaning) oven, or you may consider an induction cooktop.

Tip 3 - Know your budget

  • Ovens are an essential appliance for your kitchen and prices can range from $700 to over $5,000.


Tip 1 -  Higher wattage vacuum cleaners don't necessarily have more powerful suction. Do your homework before buying and ask for a demo to make sure the machine you choose has the suction you need.
Tip 2 - Do you want a bagged or bagless vacuum? Bagless are more convenient, however bagged are more hygienic.
Tip 3 -When choosing the right vacuum, consider the following: Do you have children or pets? Is your house mainly carpet or hard floors? Does anyone have allergies? Do you have many stairs? If you're unsure, we're here to help.