Use Your Own Chromebook for Education

If your child is using a Chromebook at school, and you have some questions. A Chromebook may be different than the computer you have at home, so we want to help you understand what a Chromebook is and how it’s used at school.


So...what is a Chromebook?

It’s a laptop that runs on the Google Chrome operating system. The Chrome operating system is designed to work on the cloud, so that means everything—your files, your apps, even your desktop—lives online (not on your laptop) and is the same wherever you sign in. That means never misplacing your files or losing your work in progress (it’s all right on the cloud). No wifi? Chromebooks also store files locally and work offline.

Why did our school choose Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are, by far, the #1 devices in schools because they’re easy to use, versatile, and secure—we know trust is earned by protecting privacy and providing worry-free security. It helps that Chromebooks come as laptops and tablets with big screens and small screens, and entry models are affordable. They are built to be shareable. This means you and your child can use the same Chromebook and each have your own profile and files. In fact, in many schools, students share Chromebooks with each other.

Students can use their EDU accounts to continue learning at home.

What does your child actually do on a Chromebook?

That varies from school to school, but the answer may be, “just about everything.” Popular tools like Gmail and Google Docs make classroom collaboration easy, and there are apps to learn skills like video-making, podcasting, and coding. You may also have heard your child talk about Google Classroom. It’s a tool some teachers use to help organize student classwork and assign homework and projects.

Here are some amazing things you can do on a Chromebook

Video editing
Tell stories with videos you produce yourself.

Learn to code no matter what year you’re in.

Create art on your laptop

Want to know more? Here are some conversation starters with your child.

Do you have your own Chromebook at school, or do you share?
What is your favorite thing to do on a Chromebook?
What rules does your school have about using Chromebooks?
When do you use your Chromebook in school?
How has a Chromebook changed your school day?
What’s the most amazing thing you can do or create with a Chromebook?