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With Windows being the most widely installed operating system in computing devices, many schools prefer a Windows-device. Popular applications such as the Microsoft Office suite are also designed natively for the Windows systems. The range of Windows-based devices is plentiful, especially in hybrid and laptops varieties. Many Windows devices now also offer Tablet Mode, which allows your 2-in-1 or touchscreen laptop to scale apps smoothly and adapt on screen features for easy navigation.

Windows 10 is the latest release Operating System and the focus is on the ‘Creators Update’, including new innovations, features, and security capabilities. Children and teenagers will love the Paint 3D tool, allowing their creativity to go wild, and Books in Windows Store will ensure the book that’s needed is just a click away. As the most secure Windows yet, Windows 10 delivers comprehensive protection – including anti-virus, firewall, Windows Defender Antivirus and anti-phishing technologies – all delivered built-in at no extra cost to you.

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