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Seeing the acronym ‘BYOD’ for the first time can be confusing, especially when you have so many other items to cross off your child’s school supplies list. As the costs start to add up, you wonder where a primary school device will fit into your budget. Luckily, primary devices are designed with you and your child’s needs in mind and come at a price that recognises these are devices for little hands who will eventually need to move to something bigger and more advanced in a few years’ time.

If you want more information about how we are making BYOD affordable, check out our payment options.

Key primary features

Once you have chosen your operating system, we recommend looking out for the following features when purchasing for primary BYOD:

  • Battery life - ideally your laptop or device will need to last a full school day on one charge. Look for around 11 hours battery life.
  • Durability - little hands + big technology = dropping / spillage. Check your device has been drop-tested and is water resistant. This will take your device the distance from primary school to secondary.
  • Portability - ensure the BYOD device you choose is portable - can it fit in your child’s backpack?
  • Connectivity - some schools require your device to have a camera or speaker. Check your requirements with the school and keep this in mind.
  • Storage space - we recommend ensuring your primary BYOD has at least 4GB RAM and 64 eMMC (device specifications) to process the necessary programmes at a primary school level. It will also allow you to upgrade software and take you the distance between primary and secondary.
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Operating system

When shopping for a primary school laptop or device, the first consideration is always operating system. The operating system will likely be defined by your child’s school, and this will set the basis of your decision making.

Read our guide on choosing the right operating system here.

Bundle purchase

If you are looking for a more complete package that includes a mouse, sleeve or bag, and headphones, our bundle packages are a great way to get it all sorted in one purchase. You can be confident these bundle packages have been designed in consultation with the schools nationwide we have relationships with, so you know they will work for your child.

We also offer these package bundles with the option of our myTechSolutions service. Read more about the benefits of our myTechSolutions services here.