Mental Health Awareness

Being a teenager has never been easy. It’s a time of life where unknowns, newness, and pending adulthood all come together at once - and this coming of age can be difficult to navigate for a lot of young people.

Beyond the difficulty of navigating tough times, it’s sometimes even harder to ask for help when you most need it. Simply picking up the phone or sending a text is a courageous act and can signal the beginning of a great journey towards improved wellness and wellbeing. 

At Noel Leeming we believe in the power of connecting people through conversations and caring, which is why we are proud to be supporting Youthline this year for Mental Health Awareness Month across New Zealand.

Founded in 1970, Youthline forms a collaboration of youth development organisations with an array of centres across the country, and a nationwide Helpline which is free to reach no matter where you are. 

Made up of volunteers and paid staff members, Youthline works with young people and their families to offer support services and positive role models that encourage and inspire young people to reach their full potential and create a resilient, thriving community.

Mental Health has a huge impact on New Zealand’s society and youth prosperity. Youthline to generate awareness and raise funds that will go towards integrated support services for young people in need.

Join in supporting Youthline by purchasing a pen instore for $2 or head along to their website to donate