Making Kiwi lives better in the classrooms of Aotearoa

As part of our commitment to making Kiwi lives better, Noel Leeming's Community Learning is a free programme to empower teachers, create opportunities and discover new technology learning pathways for students.

This year we have partnered with 24 low-decile schools to deliver over 2,000 hours of free learning sessions for both teachers and students and the programme is having a positive long-term impact on all those involved.  

While the Community Learning Programme elements may vary depending on school needs, our current curriculum includes popular modern learning areas such as coding and robotics, 3D design, virtual reality and educational learning platforms, apps and games! These technologies will play a vital role in the workplaces of the future so it's important they are part of children’s skill set.

Community Learning Classroom

Through striving to create positive outcomes in the technology and education space, Noel Leeming will continue to demonstrate its commitment to New Zealand communities.

The programme is for 1-3 decile primary schools with 100 students or less. It is also for teachers that are interested in learning more about how technology is evolving and how it can be a part of day to day learning.  

There are two half-day sessions per term.  The first session will be with the teacher and the second with the teacher and students.

Community Learning Robot

“Having the opportunity to get hands on and programme the Meccano robot was a great test of team work and communication skills. Some students were so fascinated by the process they’re attending further robotic sessions outside of school.”

Kristie-Maree Andersen, Teacher, Roslyn School.

Community Learning Teaching

“We had the kids program the Meccano robot’s limbs and then sit back and watch the results they created. The excitement and spark you see in these kids is what the Community learning program is all about.” 

Mitchell Cashman, Noel Leeming Tech Solutions.

Community Learning What Schools Think

If you are interested in making technology part of your students' day to day learning, 
apply now to be enrolled for our next programme starting in Feb 2019.

Application criteria

To apply, your school needs to meet the following criteria:

- Be a decile 1, 2 or 3 primary school
- Have 100 students or less

Community Learning How to Apply

We look forward to bringing technology to your classrooms!

Community Learning Partners