Having your mates over to watch the Big Game kicking off mid June? Ensure they have the best viewing experience over the next four weeks with some of our top match ready products for that big game feel. Just add your favourite player’s jersey and a few beers and you’ll almost feel like you’re there in person.

The right screen

Bigger is better when it comes to watching sports on TV. Create a stadium atmosphere at home with the latest Samsung Ultra HD and 4K Televisions and bring Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar & Co. alive in your living room.

Need help setting up for the game? Our Tech Solutions specialists can deliver, unbox, install and set up your new TV so you can bring the game to life with the big screen. Find out more here!


Half time entertainment

Impress your mates with your Smart Home set up.  Use the Amazon Echo to dim your Philips Hue lights for the right mood once the game has started, ask Alexa to check game results or play your favourite music playlist during half time.


Score audio goals

Get the ultimate stadium feel by having top quality sound. Check out our range of sounds bars and speakers that will create a sound experience making you feel like you’re actually at the game. Sound bars like the Samsung HW-N650 fill every corner with a dynamic and rich sound that will transform your living room into a stadium and truly make the game come alive.


Game snacks

The excitement of the game is bound to be enjoyed with some snacks. Don’t let anyone go hungry and crank up the crock pot to serve a crowd favourite like nachos.  Or fry up some chips and chicken in the Air fryer. Both of these are bound to impress any sport loving guests.