Nutribullet is the blender of choice for home masterchefs, smoothie lovers and clean eaters.  Its powerful, simple to use, compact and liquifies most ingredients.

The Nutribullet 600 Watt 5 piece kit is the original Nutribullet and ideal for making smoothies, pesto or even pureeing baby food.

The more powerful Nutribullet 900 Watt 5 piece kit can do all of the above plus mix more bulky ingredients such as nuts so great for making bliss balls.

The recently released Nutribullet Balance takes things to the next level! It has a bluetooth enabled sensor that can weigh food and track calories, fat, sugar, protein and more.  


Breville Juice Fountain 

Stay hydrated and make the most of the delicious seasonal fruit and vege with the Breville Juice Fountain.  This revolutionary machine allows you to juice the whole fruit so no chopping or slicing required - too easy!


Kenwood Sprializer 

Make meals more exciting and healthy with the Kenwood Spiralizer.  Simply simparlize your favourite veggies to make a delicious salad or replace spaghetti in spag bol with courgette or butternut squash


Make dinner time easy and healthy with an AirFryer

The Delonghi Multifry is a low oil fryer and multicooker in one.  It can fry potatoes plus make a risotto or a stew.

The Sunbeam Halo AirFryer can cook almost anything! Fry, bake, saute, grill and roast so you can make all your favourite meals with ease.

The popular Philips AirFryer ensures food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  Its requires little or not oil and not only fry's but can grill, roast and bake too.


Food Processor

The Breville Mini Wizz is a small food processor but with big impact! Perfect for making salsa, dips, pesto, chopping garlic or pureeing baby food.

Sunbeam Food Processor will chop, grate and blend in minutes plus has whisking and dough attachment making it a great multi use food processor.  

The Kenwood Multipro Food Processor is an asset to any kitchen.  The 1000W motor will complete any task with ease making this your go to appliance time and time again.