Outdoors and technology are a natural pairing in New Zealand as we are spoilt for choice for outdoor activities. If you’re itching to get off the couch and enjoy some fresh air why don't you try an outdoor activity such a snowboarding/skiing, hiking or mountain biking.  You’ll get to experience some of the beauty of New Zealand and all three activities can easily be done by beginners!

To get you ready for your next adventure we asked our friends over at Torpedo7 for some helpful advice to get your started.  While you are out and about don't forget there are lots of gadgets to help you enjoy your adventures that little bit more.


Snowboarding/ Skiing

Only have a limited window to enjoy these activities so get out there and make the most of it!

What is right for you: Being familiar with the beginners tracks will help you get the most out of your day.  Then learn the tracks and understand what skill level they are best suited to.

Embrace the cold: You are going to fall over, a lot. If you’re learning to snowboard it’s a great idea to wear wrist guards a snow helmet is also a must. Not only does it protect your head but it keeps you toasty warm too.

On the mountain: Have some headphones to listen to some sweet tunes also make sure you get some sweet pics for the Gram to make your friends jealous. You might want to put your phone in a waterproof case to protect from any stray snow getting in.

For more tips to get you started:




In New Zealand we have plenty of walking tracks from the short strolls perfect for the beginner to the great walks that might require some prep.

Plan your route: Choose a hiking track suitable for the skills and knowledge of the yourself and/or who you are hiking with. Walking a DoC track is safe, as these are well signposted. Let someone know when they should expect you to return.

Make sure you have the right gear: A basic set of tramping boots you don't want sore feet or to slip on your behind.  Try Torpedo7 Routeburn hiking boot for a durable boot that’s going to be comfortable. A quality waterproof shell to keep you dry when an unexpected shower come pass. A backpack to carry all the important things such a food, water and your tech.

Out on the track:  A Smart watch is good way to not only keep track of time but also track your fitness activity and look stylish.

For more tips hiking tips see



Mountain Biking

Take it slow if your a beginner and always wear a helmet.

The basics: The key to mountain biking is your body position. If you are riding the non- technical sections of the trail you would want to be in the neutral position this includes level pedals, evenly weighted slightly bent knees and elbows and keep your eyes looking forward to where you want to go.

Maintenance tips: Cleaning your bike is the easiest way to keep your bike running mint ideally with a bike wash or similar. Check brakes to make sure they are reacting quick if you need to stop all of a sudden. Check the drive chain and make sure that the gears are changing smoothly, otherwise a jammed gear could be a problem.

Capture the action: If you want to brag to your friends make sure you can back it. Capture the action with an Action camera, show all the rad things you have done.


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