IFA 2017

With 1,805 exhibitors and 159,000 square meters of sold-out show floor, IFA confirms its role as the leading showcase for the global technology industry. IFA 2017 not only hosts more innovation and product launches than any previous event; it also presents more digital lifestyle products in one place than any other show worldwide. Below are a handful of our favourite innovations to look out for.

Star Wars Fighter Drones

Experience the power of the Star Wars Battle Drones! Opening the box is no doubt part of the excitement with this product, as the special edition collectors box with light up display case plays Star Wars themed tunes, getting you in the mood for fighting action!

Look out for this one closer to Christmas, available in selected stores.

Key features of this new drone include:

  • Achieves speeds of over 35mph
  • Multiplayer battle game with other Propel™ Star Wars™ Battling Drones
  • Push-button aerial stunts
  • Multiple speed settings for beginner to advanced pilots
  • Highly detailed, hand painted and numbered
  • Controller included

Brain Wearables

Ready to see the future of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (VR/AR)? Erica Warp from EMOTIV at IFA+ Summit 2017, spoke about our future with Brain Wearables. Not only can you use your brainwaves to control and command tech in different ways, but imagine having the cameras in the studio controlled by your brain? Or even use your brain to turn on music while you cook without having to do anymore than just think about it! This tech will  also continue to widen the opportunities for physically disabled individuals and give them the freedom they never before possible.

Erica impressed participants with her explanations on what the brain is able to achieve if the technological circumstances are right. “We can strengthen the brain but also create applications that will help disabled communities. In longer terms we will have a chance to make brain diseases and disorders visible way earlier.”

See the full presentation from IFA 2017 below

LF-S50G (Sony Home Assistant)

A rival to Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Amazon Echo, Sony has released their home assistant product at IFA 2017. The LF-S50G combines Sony's high quality sound- from a 360 degree speakers system - with the Google Assistant built in.

This device allows you to use your voice in useful ways, you can play music, make appointments, ask general questions "what is the weather today". Sony has also added gesture control to their device allowing you to turn up, down, skip to new tracks all with the wave of your hand. Bonus, this one is splash proof to keep it safe in the kitchen or by the pool. This device can also be used to control other linked smart devices like smart TVs, lights and many more.

We just hope it gets a more memorable name!

LG V30

IP68 water resistant rating and military tested for durability means you can take this beauty anywhere you go. The 6.0” OLED FullVision™ display gives you more space to use and view, while still being small enough to hold and work with in your hand. Other bonus features include point zoom, cine effect, F/1.6 glass camera lens, and 10-bit HDR image sensor.

The release date is still TBC, but we are looking forward to having a play when it comes in!

Sony Xperia XZ1

Xperia™ XZ1 brings the best Sony technologies around into an elegantly refined loop surface design, with a water-resistant finish. It features some standout new innovations too, including the never-before-seen 3D Creator.

The incredible Motion Eye™ camera is back, bringing decades of Sony’s camera expertise to Xperia XZ1. It shoots mind-blowing Super slow motion videos at 960fps, putting epic playback at your fingertips wherever you are. When taking photos, Predictive Capture means you’ll never miss a smile, and the new Autofocus burst mode captures sequences of moving subjects in sharp focus.

When it comes to watching or listening, Xperia XZ1 gives a first-class performance. The 5.2” HDR display uses the same technology as Sony’s unique BRAVIA TVs, and the premium Hi-Res Audio features come straight from the world of Sony’s high-end sound systems. Xperia XZ1 also introduces the brand new 3D Creator – this amazing new mode lets you easily scan real-life objects into digital 3D avatars, opening up a new world of possibilities only on Xperia.

Panasonic Moveable Fridge

Think about a fridge that could bring your beer to you… or maybe you want to grab the meat for the BBQ? Panasonic’s Movable Fridge here is voice responsive and safely moves around the house without bumping into children or pets. So this autonomous fridge can carry food to the specified location for you. Never be without your refrigerated goods again!

Panasonic Sustainable Maintainer

Imagine an entire wall laundry system… What does it look like? The video below by Panasonic captures the technology perfectly and gives us a little insight into how our future could look. This intelligent laundry system automatically identifies the clothes material in cooperation with apparel manufactures and chooses the optimum washing cycle appropriate for dirt level. Not only does it wash and dry, it can fold and put clean clothes into embedded storage. No longer will we need to spend hours cleaning and drying clothes, sheets, and towels. Simply drop the item in the laundry system and come back to put away your folded goods!