4k TV 

To get the ultimate movie experience then a large screen 4k is the only way to go!  You will never miss a detail thanks to the 4k TVs sharp, crystal clear picture. Relax with the family and watch your favourite picture in rich vibrant colour.

If your current TV isn’t a Smart TV then invest in a Google Chromecast to easily stream Love Actually or your choice of Christmas movie.  It simply plugs into the back of TV and voila! Plus you can control it from your phone so no need to get up off the couch.

Google Chromecast

Sonos Beam

For the ultimate movie night you need the best sound.  The Amazon Alexa enabled Sonos Beam has immersive theatre quality sound to fill the whole room.

Treat Maker

Snacks are a key part of movie night! The Russell Hobbs Treat Maker can make donuts, churros or cake pops.  Make a double batch so there is plenty to share around.