Hide the notch

The notch is the iPhone X inspired cut-out at the top of the screen which contains the front-facing camera and speaker. Different to the iPhone however Huawei has built in a feature allowing you to turn the notch off. To achieve this go into settings > display > notch and select “Hide notch”. The phone’s QLED display allows for the area next to the notch to be coloured black making it almost invisible.


Taking a screenshot

The Huawei P20 Pro makes taking a screenshot incredibly easy. The ‘Smart-Screenshot’ function allows you to take a screenshot by knocking on your screen twice with your knuckle. To activate the smart screenshot go into settings > smart assistance > motion control > smart screenshot and turn on the smart screenshot switch. Once you have enabled this you can also take a screenshot of the whole display content scrolling right to the bottom  by drawing a ‘S’ shape on your display.



The always-on-display shows information such as time and date even if your screen is turned off. This allows you to utilise your phone as a clock. You can enable this feature under settings >  security and privacy > screen lock and passwords and tap on always display information to enable the always-on-display. You can also select to only have this feature enabled at certain times of the day using the ‘scheduled’ function.


Save battery life

To save the battery life of your Huawei P20 Pro you can easily reduce the screen resolution. For daily usage purposes the HD+ resolution doesn’t make a big difference to the FHD+ resolution. FHD+ is great if you want to use your phone for playing games or watching videos. To change your phone’s screen resolution select settings > battery > screen resolutions. You can choose HD+, FHD+ or the Smart Resolution option. If you really want to save power you can leave it on HD+ all the time. The Smart Resolution option changes the resolution automatically depending on what you are doing with your phone to optimise your user experience.


Clone Facebook

The Huawei P20 Pro supports dual-sim allowing for two different persons to use the same phone. This also allows you to clone your Facebook app so each user can have their own version. To enable this feature go into settings > apps & notifications > app twin and flip the switch of the app you would like to clone. Both apps will be shown on your main display. You can also clone your Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp apps.


Face unlock

The Huawei P20 Pro not only allows you to unlock your phone with your finger print but also through facial recognition. To enable facial recognition select settings > security and privacy > face unlock. At this point you will have to enter your screen password. Choose for your phone to wake up using face unlock, press continue, read the disclaimer and select allow. You will then need to scan your face using the front-facing camera. To finish choose whether you would like your phone to wake up automatically when recognizing your face.