It's warm out there, that  means you don't to stay confined to your house. There are plenty of fun things to do during a long weekend hitting the road is a great way to escape. The key to a great road trip is being prepared. We’ve compiled our road trip favourites so you can enjoy the fresh spring air in the best way possible. Bring on those memories!

Car Essentials



Don’t get lost enjoying the scenery! And if you do get lost, don’t ask a yeti for directions. Find your way with a GPS, and get up to date traffic information on the go so you can get to your final destination faster*. “Are we there yet?” will also be a question of the past, as everyone will have visibility on how many minutes, kilometers, and toilet breaks there are to go before the holiday officially starts.

*On selected GPS

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Hands-free kits

Stay in touch with your convoy and go wireless! Whether you're driving or exploring, take advantage of the hands-free Bluetooth technology controlling your phone by voice commands to stay in touch no matter where you are or what you're doing. Smart sensor technology available in some devices allows you to take calls without a click, and to verbally "answer" or "ignore" calls that are announced to you through the headset. Enjoy the freedom wireless, hands-free technology gives you, in the latest contemporary styles.

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Tablets & Nintendo Switch

Keep the kids busy in the back of the car on long road trips with tablets loaded with movies or a Nitnedo Switch for gaming fun, guaranteed to provide some peace and quiet, at least for a moment. Preload the tablet with their favourite movie or let them play their favourite games on the Nintendo Switch - the choice is yours! Let the road trip begin!

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Bluetooth / wireless portable speaker

Get the party started with your favourite bluetooth or wireless portable speaker. Compatible with all bluetooth capable devices - anyone can be the DJ! Everyone knows a road trip isn’t a road trip without music. Portable devices come in all sizes and styles so you don’t have to stick with a big boombox if that’s not your style! Plus, the technology in speakers in today’s world means you can get massive sound from even the smallest speakers. Bring on the tunes!

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Watch the world go by along to your favourite soundtrack! These are a must-have to keep you motivated while everyone else is enjoying a sleep in. Plus, they are fantastic to have when the chosen music playing in the car isn’t your style! There are so many styles of headphones to choose from - see our headphone guide to make the choice a little simpler.

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Chargers & Cables


Portable power bank

Keep that phone snapping away all day long with your backup power supply! A portable power bank is great to have in your daypack if you plan to take a lot of photos of videos. A second battery is another great alternative - there is nothing more annoying than having a dead battery when you are seeing some amazing scenery or having an awesome time with friends or family.

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Spare charger

For the same reason as a portable power bank an extra charge is great to have on hand. Plus, chargers are always getting lost and misplaced, and wouldn’t you hate to not be able to complete your memory collection when your phone or camera dies? It’s also a great idea to label your charger. So many people have the same chargers today - and it’s an easy way to identify your charger quickly, reducing the chances of you losing it!

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Fun Extras



Lightweight and portable, the book lover’s best friend. Weighing less than a standard paperback, you can pack hundreds and thousands of your favourite books into these devices - making them the obvious choice for taking on a winter road trip or holiday. Not only do they weigh next to nothing, but the battery life is so good - you can go weeks without a charge! Passionate book readers will say the traditional book can never be replaced, but this is a great alternative when you’re trying to pack light.

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Drones are everywhere now and come in a range of prices and sizes to suit your style and budget. When you’re staying in a beautiful place (basically everywhere in New Zealand!), you’ll want to capture that vista, and what better way than with a drone. Some drones can also be packed into a backpack, allowing you to take it on your day hike without weighing you down! There is a great range of drones with features such as 4K cameras, Obstacle avoidance systems, 1 button return to base, no-fly zone avoidance systems, foldable arms, easily removable propellers, payload release and multiple lens attachments.

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A camera seems obvious! But one that is often forgotten since most of us don’t use it everyday. Pack that action camera and capture all of the action, or the DSLR camera to capture family portraits, sunrises, sunsets, and more. Each camera is a little different - but they all capture the most important part of the holiday - the memories. Sure, you can use your phone - but there’s something special about having those high quality photos to take home from the family vacay.

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