Get them thinking

What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.  STEM encourages your children to discover more about these core subjects through fun, engaging and practical learning and play and helps to give your children the skills they need for the future.  

Calling all Bakers & Chefs

Baking is a great activity during the school holidays and something that kids of all ages are generally happy to partake in.  Don't we all have memories of fighting with our siblings (or parents!) over who gets to lick the bowl!?  

Kenwood kMix

Make light work of mess

Little hands can sometimes lead to more mess than usual when baking.  Use your vacuum to tidy up after baking, removing crumbs from the couch and mud that has been traipsed through the house.

Dyson Portable Vacuums

Selfie Studio

Get creative and use your Instant camera to put a twist to your traditional scavenger hunt. Give the kids a list of 10 things they need to find in your home or backyard and away they go! First to bring back a photo of the 10 items wins. 

Movie night

When it rain's it pours, if that's the case then head indoors and get ready for a movie night. Cast their favourite movie on your TV, make some popcorn and relax!

Kids watching TV with popcorn