There is never a correct term used to describe the couple who loves technology! But tech addict is probably the best term to describe their passion for the latest and greatest. This couple are the ones you call when your router isn’t working, or when you need help choosing which smartphone to buy.

Because they are early adopters, they are in tune with upcoming releases and know which products to invest their time and money into. No doubt they love a rainy weekend watching Netflix or playing their favourite game, and love nothing more than figuring out how something works. So get them a gift that they can be obsessed with, for the moment if not for a long time!


Drones are the ultimate photography tool for capturing scenery that would not be possible with a camera and there are many adventures to be had and scenes to capture.

The techie couple will love this gift on top of a new-found hobby! This thoughtful gift will become second nature to take on holiday and any day trips, plus provide an unnecessary excuse to capture some amazing footage of their favourite places. Even the local beach becomes the perfect location for memories to be captured and watched over and over again.

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Drone footage of beach

Camera & detection equipment

Secure their home with a piece of camera & detection equipment. From video doorbells to wireless HD security systems, there is something for every tech obsessed couple! This perfect gift for the couple who is out having adventures or likes their home to feel like a fortress. They’ll be itching to unpack it and set it up once they return from their honeymoon!

The Netgear Arlo Pro Home Security System is wireless, weatherproof, and has audio so the couple will be able to oversee their home from the comfort of their smartphone. Plus, they’ll be able to review a full 7 days of free cloud recordings. Alternatively, the Ring Video Doorbell may be the only solution this couple needs to monitor packages and visitors throughout the day.

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iPhone to USB Lightning Flashdrive

Free up space on their iPhone or iPad with the iXpand flashdrive. Perfect for the techie couple that loves music, photography, and games - but doesn’t have enough room for all of them!

The flashdrive plugs straight into the charging port so they can quickly move photos, videos, and more files off their device! Perfect for extended holidays or last minute memories, this little device could be the saving grace for the newlyweds! The USB 3.0 connector makes transferring the files to your computer or laptop super fast, and the device also has a password to keep your files safe.

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Sandisk iXpand USB

VR Headset

Help your tech addicted newlyweds join the immersive world of virtual reality with a virtual reality (VR) headset! High-powered headsets like HTC Vive and the HP Mixed Reality headset lets them move around in their virtual surroundings, and objects will adapt within the headset to their viewing perspective.

A VR Headset will lend to hours of challenges and fun, and will test their problem solving skills, ability to think quickly, and most of all, master some games and activities that require time and passion to achieve. The perfect gift for a techie!

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HTC Vive VR Headset