This couple is hard to buy for, if not impossible, and will leave you searching for a gift that is unusual or non-traditional, yet still useful. The hard-to-buy-for couple may have everything already, or perhaps they like to be minimalist in their approach to living.

From gift suggestions that are techie, to more practical gifts, there is always something to be found for the hard-to-buy-for couple, if only you have to look a little closer. Either way, we have curated a small number of suggestions to spark some ideas on what gift could fit well into this newlywed couple’s lives.

Chromecast or Apple TV

A life-changing device for the hard-to-buy-for couple. They thought they didn’t need something like this… until they were gifted on by you! The device connects to the TV through the HDMI port, and then they can stream their favourite content using the home network and their smartphone!

Because the casting device can mirror what’s on their phone, play music, stream Netflix, and more, this is one gift they’ll never want to re-gift. In fact, they’ll probably gift it to the next couple to get married in your friend group.

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Get these newlyweds a GPS and they’ll never be lost again. A extremely useful gift for those friends of ours who always seem to take the wrong road and end up an extra half hour late. This couple will be able to easily find their way with a GPS, and get up to date traffic information* on the go so they can get to their destination faster!

Smartphone navigation apps may have the advantage of being inside the device already, but you can be guaranteed there’ll be no distractions on the road with a GPS. Help your friends with a gift that is smart, small, useful, and thoughtful!

*On selected GPS

Couple travelling

Foot spa or massager

Bring a bit of relaxation into the newlywed’s life. No doubt they are hard workers and would never buy something like this for themselves - so treat them to a little bit of the good life!

A revitalising foot spa will leave them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, or a massager will get all those knots worked through and soothe tired muscles! The perfect small gift for a hard-to-buy-for couple.

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Foot spa

Gift card

Gift cards are seen as the ultimate in lazy buying but for a couple like this, it might be the best way to get them exactly what they want or need. This way, you can be sure your gift won’t be wasted and they will use it.

Perhaps they have been saving for a new appliance or a piece of new technology and you would like to contribute but can’t afford the full cost? This is a great way to contribute to a gift they have been saving for, without breaking your own bank.

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