Hardly ever home, the intrepid travellers already have their next holiday planned before the current one is done! Whether they’re out exploring on a long weekend or away on a three week tour of Asia, there’s always an adventure on the horizon for this couple.

It comes as no surprise to them, or you, that this couple have invested their money into travel and experiences rather than physical items for their home. For the intrepid travellers, it’s integral you get them something that fits into their lifestyle and way of living. Here, we give you some gift ideas for the intrepid travellers in your life.

Power bank

On holiday it can be difficult to find a power source to charge their camera or phone, so a power bank might be the perfect gift for enthusiastic photographers! A power bank can quickly charge their device so they can keep moving, even when they’re on the go! Help ensure they don’t miss the opportunity to capture memories.

A great gift for travellers, power banks are small, light, and durable enough to withstand the odd bag knock every now and then. When choosing a power bank, choose one with at least 5000mAh and dual charging ports, which would give the couple at least one phone charge each before they get to their next power source. A 20,000mAh power bank for comparison, would charge a standard device up to 10 times, great for those couples who like to travel far away from civilisation.

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Smaak Power bank

Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones work to block out ambient noise by emitting a noise-cancelling wave that is opposite to the environmental noise, creating a quiet environment to listen to and enjoy your favourite music.

A set of noise cancelling headphones  is the perfect solution for couples who fly a lot, use  public transport and shared sleeping quarters on their adventures. With this gift, they’ll be able to escape to their own world and catch up on their Netflix series or listen to some tunes without disturbing others and without the added noise of the environment around them.

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Bose noise cancelling headphones

Portable speaker

The perfect gift for an intrepid traveller like this is a portable speaker. Give this couple control and freedom to enjoy their own music, wherever they are!

Portable speakers deliver surprisingly big sound for such a small device, and some models, like the UE range, are IPX7 rated waterproof - perfect for unpredictable weather and hikes! The battery in portable speakers can last up to 10 hours of playback, giving this couple no excuse not to enjoy the atmosphere and music around them.

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UE Boom Portable Speaker

Smart watch

Smart watches do more than track activity! They can hold music and photos, track your location using built-in GPS, and can be used to respond to messages or answer phone calls. For the intrepid travellers this could be an essential tool to have on their wrist for everyday use plus in emergencies. At the touch of a button they’ll have convenient access to apps, payments, and more - giving them the freedom to explore without losing their way!

At home, it’s a great gift for the competitive couple who likes to be able to track activity and progress - they can share their dashboards to celebrate awesome workouts, progress wins, and milestones in their fitness journey.

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Fitbit Ionic

Action camera

More than just being a great camera, an action camera is lightweight, durable, and essential for the intrepid travellers who want to fully capture the sights on their next adventure.

Many action cameras have auto-stabilisation technology and will shoot 1080p or better videos, allowing the user to bike, run, or jump, and still be able to capture smooth, high quality footage. The perfect gift for the intrepid traveller who will be ziplining, bike riding, or travelling across pot-holed streets on their adventures, thanks to you they’ll never miss a moment!

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