Wondering how you can beat the heat and humidity? We've condensed our favourite tips to keep you cool in the humid weather. Read on below.

Invest in a dehumidifier

Did you think dehumidifiers were only for winter? Dehumidifiers work by eliminating excess moisture in the air so are perfect for humid days and can be used in conjunction with your fan to keep your home even cooler. Plus, a dehumidifier will greatly reduce the time it takes to dry washing! 

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Use your heat pump

Have a heat pump or air conditioner? Turn on 'dry mode' (or dehumidifying mode). Humidity is what makes us feel uncomfortable and the heat pump will work like a dehumidifier to dry the air and is more efficient at cooling your home than blasting cool air. Ensure you close all windows and doors to maximise the efficiency of the dry mode.

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Clean your household appliances

Cleaning your heat pump, air conditioner, or dehumidifier unclogs any stuff stuck in the appliance, and helps to run functions more efficiently. This in turn saves you money, and keeps you cool!

Fans do the trick

Can't invest in a dehumidifier or don't have a heat pump? Get out the USB fan and plug it into a power bank or get a pedestal fan with a remote so you can control the fan from the couch. For the best result, open all windows and doors and position the fan in front of an open door to create positive airflow through the house.

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