Moving into your first flat or home in 2018? Maybe you are studying or going into full time work after leaving school. Flatting, sometimes known as the years for creating golden memories but some experiences, like the endless presence of dishes or the constantly full washing basket, are not so golden! But we think there are some essentials for every flattie that make flatting that little bit easier.

So take our advice below and invest in some tech that will last beyond the golden years of flatting!

Google Chromecast

If you don’t already have a Google Chromecast or an Apple TV then now is the time to invest! Stream Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, TVNZ, ThreeNow and more from your phone or tablet to your flat TV using Google Chromecast. No need to share your membership with flatties when you don’t want to! The ideal entertainment companion.

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Not a clue how to cook a meal good enough for family visits? Enter the Crock-Pot. Crock-Pot believes every meal should be worth celebrating and has developed their Crock-Pot so that one-pot cooking is easy, nutritious, and delicious. They even have some recipes on their website to get you inspired. This is one experience from flatting you’ll be able to take with you too!

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Portable speaker

Invest in a portable speaker and bring the party with you wherever you go! Perfect for a flat, there’s no need to invest in a more permanent sound system. At the price you’ll pay for a portable speaker, they offer sharp sound and deep bass, perfect for a beach-side picnic or flat warming.

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Coffee machine

Being responsible for paying bills, feeding yourself, and studying can be daunting… not to mention exhausting! Start the day right with a good coffee - one that doesn’t break the bank. Save money and make coffee at home plus finesse your barista skills for the next time mum pops around the help with the housework! Extra tip below - we show you how to clean it so you can even impress her with your capabilities!

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Wi-Fi extender

Don’t suffer from deadspots in your flat and the frustration of actually having to talk to your flatmates. Get a Wi-Fi extender and plug it into a wall-plug in your bedroom or hallway and enjoy the freedom to study or surf the internet whenever, and wherever you are in your house.

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Portable power bank

The worst feeling is when you are taking pictures or notes on your phone and it dies midway through! Get a power bank and prolong the life of your device while you’re out. Power banks fit snug in any laptop case and can supply up to 10 charges depending on what capacity you choose. Power banks will become your go-to item for road trips too and can charge portable speakers and other devices quickly.

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