Changes to FlyBuys within Noel Leeming

What is changing with Fly Buys at Noel Leeming?

You’ll collect 1 Fly Buys point every time you reach $50 spend (cumulative) when you swipe your Fly Buys card at Noel Leeming. So, if you spend $30 in one transaction and $20 in another transaction you’ll then receive 1 Fly Buys point*. Every shop counts towards your next Fly Buys reward.

*Cumulative points are only valid within a 12 month period.  For example: if you make a $30 purchase in January and then your next purchase is not until after that date the next year, your initial partial accumulation will have expired.


What does cumulative spend mean?

Fly Buys members will earn 1 point for every $50 spent at any Noel Leeming as the standard rate. Spend will become cumulative, meaning leftover spend under the threshold or under the next threshold will be added to your next purchases. For example: a $49 spend will contribute to a point the next time you spend a $1 or more in store.


Does my cumulative spend work between stores?

Yes, you can collect Fly Buys points between Noel Leeming stores and online purchases.


When is it changing?

The changeover will happen at 1am on the 29th August 2018.


Why has Noel Leeming changed its points earn rate?

We wanted to reward Fly Buys members for every shop at Noel Leeming. Previously only denominations of $25 or more in a single transaction earned Fly Buys points. We are excited to let you know that we have plans to offer even more bonus points to customers over the next 12 months.


What happens to the Fly Buys Points if I purchased something before 29 August 2018 and it is refunded after?

On the 29 August, all returns will be calculated at the new earn rate of 1 point for every $50 spend (which in most cases will mean the customer retains more points).


Can I still redeem my Fly Buys points the same way?

Yes. There will be no change to how you redeem your points with Fly Buys. Noel Leeming will continue to be the exclusive electronics store where you can spend and collect Fly Buys points.


Will I need a new Fly Buys card/account?

No. You can continue to use your existing Fly Buys card /account.