Earning Fly Buys Points

Once you join Fly Buys you will receive one point for every $25 you spend with Noel Leeming online or in-store. 

Online, the number of Fly Buys points you will receive when purchasing an individual item is displayed on that item's product page, below the current price.

Please note: Fly buys are not available for purchases of Gift Cards.


Can I get Fly Buys added to my account after I make a purchase?

You can get your Fly Buys added to your account if your existing Fly Buys card was not on-hand when you made the purchase.

To do this, please submit an email to us using the 'Ask a Question' tab, with your invoice number and your Fly Buys number, or contact our Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 to arrange this.

As these points are added manually, they take approximately 4-6 weeks to appear on your statement.