What is a mobile phone assessment bond?

A mobile assessment bond of $55 is taken on all mobile phone repairs before they are inspected by a service agent. This bond is fully refundable if the product sent for assessment, is deemed to have a manufacturing fault or under the SuperCover warranty, however if the service agent diagnoses the fault as not covered under warranty then the $55 bond is retained to cover part of the assessment cost.

If the fault is found to not be covered under warranty and the amount quoted by the service agent to repair the item is accepted, the $55 bond taken is deducted from the total repair cost. As an extension of this, if the fault found is not covered by the manufacturer but accepted under the optional Accidental Damage cover, the bond will be used towards the excess payment.

Why has my Mobile Phone Assessment Bond not been refunded?

The Mobile Phone Assessment Bond will not be refunded if:

  • The fault found is not deemed to be a manufacturing fault or covered by the SuperCover warranty, such as; force damage, liquid damage, damage caused by tampering with the unit and damage caused by the software downloaded by the end user.
  • The phone is outside SuperCover warranty period
  • There was no fault found
  • The phone was assessed and the repair quote was declined

For more information on what is not covered by the SuperCover warranty, see the SuperCover Brochure