When is an item not covered under warranty?

There are some exclusions to what a manufacturer’s warranty will cover, which include, but are not limited to, liquid damage, force damage, damage due to misuse, wear and tear, user inflicted damage, infestation, mould or mildew .

Noel Leeming’s SuperCover warranty does cover normal wear and tear, but not damage inflicted by the user. Unless the optional Accidental Damage cover is purchased at time of sale.  Under Accidental Damage cover, most sudden and unforeseen damage, drops or spills, resulting in impacted performance or functions caused by an unintentional or unexpected external even arising during normal handling.

A Manufacturer’s or SuperCover warranty or Accidental Damage Cover will not cover data back-up or problems caused by software installed or downloaded after purchase.

Neither a manufacturer warranty nor a SuperCover warranty nor Accidental Damage Cover will cover loss or theft of the item.

However, if you have made the purchase under a hire purchase agreement that includes additional benefits in the event of theft or loss, please contact the Finance company that you are signed up with or our Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 for further information or to request your purchase details.