How is your website encrypted?

Your credit card details are completely secure on this site. Data encryption software prevents interception of any information you provide online. When you place an order or access your account details, this data passes to a secure server. All information you input is encrypted before it is sent to us.

Any data sent by you through this site is encrypted through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. SSL is a protocol developed for transmitting data over the Internet. What this means is that your data (including credit card information and other personal details) is turned into a type of code that cannot be decoded without the private key.

Whenever you log in, register, go to your shopping cart or start to complete a purchase, you will automatically be transferred to the secure area of the website. You can always tell if you are in this area as the start of the website address at the top of your screen will have changed from "http://..." to "https://..."

With most Internet browser software (including all recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape), a locked padlock icon also appears in the bottom toolbar of the browser, signalling that you are currently in a secure area of the site.