Preferential Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Are there terms & conditions for using the service?

Yes. You can view the terms and conditions for using your preferential pricing online from the link when you add your membership number so make sure you have a good read


How soon after I add my membership number will I be able to buy online?

As soon as your membership is added to your account you will see it show in myNoelLeeming and can begin shopping. You will see your pricing on when you are logged in.


I’m signed up to myNoelLeeming but I can’t seem to add my membership number

You have probably signed up to receive emails and offers from Noel Leeming but have not registered to purchase online. This is really simple - just click here and complete the form to set up your account, verify your email address and you’re ready to shop.


What happens if I am no longer a member?

We will be receiving a regular list of members from our partners and will be updating our records so if you are no longer a member this membership will be removed and you will no longer have  preferential pricing on your account. You will still receive emails about the offers and great deals from Noel Leeming and can purchase them online as usual.

If you believe this is incorrect you’ll need to get in touch with the partner involved and ensure you are still on their membership list.


When I sign up to a new myNoelLeeming account and add my membership can I apply my $10 voucher and preferential pricing in my first online order?

Yes you just need to add the voucher code for your $10 voucher at checkout time on your order.


I'm a Farmlands member, do I have to pay with my farmlands card to get preferential pricing?

Yes. If you are a Farmlands memeber you need to pay for your purchase with your Farmlands card to qualify for the preferential pricing.