Where would the Christmas atmosphere be without all the wonderful Christmas songs? Admit it, you secretly love it…!
Designing the playlist or choosing the CD you will have on repeat from 1st December is one half of the job, the other half is how you choose to play it.

Home theatre systems

The built-in TV sound wouldn’t do your favourite Christmas movie justice! Invest in a home theatre system and surround yourself with the merriment of the Christmas season.

From easy, efficient systems that provide trouble-free viewing pleasure to multi-channel systems sophisticated enough for the hard-core enthusiast - there are so many systems to choose from!

Choose from economical systems offering full HD 3D Blu-Ray playback, Bluetooth and One Touch Connection (NFC) with a wide range of internet apps, smartphone remote control and home screen wallpaper, to seven-plus channel full-fledged home theatre systems with enough watts of sound to give the neighbors a free listen to your action movies, party music, intense gaming and other entertainment.

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Sound bars

If you’re looking to add just a little bit of extra sound to the room without going over the top, a sound bar is a fantastic addition to any Christmas movie lover. Sound bars are slim and elegant, while giving you brilliantly realistic sound.

Sound bars greatly increase the quality and enjoyment of the audio experience without overkill, and are a smart, sensible way to increase your entertainment viewing pleasure. Basic slim sound bars come equipped with Bluetooth wireless capability, digital audio input and smart networking. If you want more performance choose a sound bar capable of multi-device connectivity with multiple HDMI inputs, seamless music streaming with both Bluetooth and NF One-touch, and over 300 watts of music power, complete with subwoofers and bass emphasis.

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There's nothing like being able to listen to your favorite Christmas music from your preferred device anywhere in your house, and multi-room audio systems are how you get that. Perfect for entertaining, multi-room systems seamlessly fit into your Christmas brunch and add the perfect amount of Christmas to the day without being imposing on your guests.

Using these systems you can stream your favorite music wirelessly across multiple speakers placed around your home, connect them to your wireless networks and enjoy Spotify, CDs, and more as you move from room to room. These speakers offer incredible sound fidelity and range for their sizes, and can be positioned in various ways for maximum convenience. Play music from your smartphone, tablet or any other USB drives, just set it once and forget about it.

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Of course, if you’re simply looking to blast sound from the deck then a stereo would be the best way to go. Stereos are a more cost efficient way to enjoy Christmas songs than a home theatre or multi-room system and generally have a shorter setup time too. Comparatively the sound is also great quality - as stereos are designed for just music so give the user the same quality as other systems. A great compromise for Christmas Day!

Stereos also come in a range of capabilities to suit your taste in Christmas carols. Want to crank the bass? A mega mini system would maximise the low notes of your bassy tracks. Alternatively if you just want something a bit more basic the micro systems still have Bluetooth connectivity and will be great for your favourite Christmas tunes.  

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Portable speakers

Are you wanting to take your merriment wherever you are? Portable speakers are great if you are going to be away at the bach this Christmas - they pack a big punch in a little device, and some batteries last up to 15-20 hours giving you hours of playback for those relaxed afternoon BBQs.

Outdoor extreme speakers let you take your music wherever you go, connecting wirelessly to your phone, laptop or tablet for the ultimate in portability -- if you’re at the beach, skatepark or a party, your music’s right there with you. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your music player effortlessly, and portable bluetooth speakers allow you to pair up multiple music players.

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Great for any music - a good set of headphones will last beyond Christmas! With literally hundreds to choose from and from leading brands like Beats, Sony, Sennheiser, and more, you’re bound to find the perfect set for you.

Grab a pair of noise cancelling headphones for the summer road trip or a pair of wireless sports headphones for the pre-Christmas lunch run. If you’re not sure where to start, our headphones guide is a great place to start.

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