Get inspired with our Christmas gift ideas

Do you have a family member that is a challenge to buy a meaningful Christmas gift for every year? We all have that family member. Whether it’s the grandparents, your brother, or your bestie - we have you covered below with our gifting inspiration from our Noel Leeming Customer Experience Expert, Cam!

Gifts for grandma

Grandma’s have everything! So of course they will be one of the most difficult people to buy for. Don’t resort to the standard Ecoya candle this year and treat grandma with something even she wouldn’t of thought of.

We are loving the Sunbeam Foodsaver range so she can keep her food fresher for longer. After all those scones she makes on Christmas day she will probably be suffering from a sore shoulder or sore body - our range of massagers are the perfect solution to aches and pains. Or maybe she can’t figure out how to get that phone working that your cousin bought for her last Christmas? A HelpDesk subscription is the answer to all of her questions. Get unlimited device support and by next Christmas, she’ll know more than you!

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Gifts for grandad

Grandads are the unspoken heroes of the family and will stop at nothing to ensure the family is peaceful and happy. For this, he deserves a little more than a gold star.

Payback the gift of peace of mind with a home security system like the Netgear Arlo Home Security System. Arlo Pro HD Security Cameras are 100% wire-free and offer indoor or outdoor home monitoring with audio, all monitored through your phone or tablet. Now he can watch the grandkids without leaving the couch! Or perhaps he loves getting outside and tending to the garden or taking the boat out to catch some dinner? A weather station will be the way to go. A convenient way to plan the day ahead!

Our final suggestion is for the low-fuss grandad. Upgrade his personal grooming regime and get grandad the Philips Series 7000 Beard Trimmer. Trim the beard, moustache and sideburns while keeping tidy with this trimmer. Its powerful vacuum catches cut hair as grandad goes along, giving him a mess-free trim. Include bonus body groomer.

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Gifts for best friends

Our best friends always manage to light up our day, so why not light up theirs! We have thought of some fun gift ideas that will surprise & delight even the hardest to buy for besties.

Does your friend love the theatre of food, or are they always hosting the dinner party? Get them the Breville The Smoking Gun. Or give them the gift they can take on all of their adventures - an e-Reader! They’ll think of you every time they pick up their book to read. Perhaps they’re really good at losing their keys, or their phone, or their minds! We can’t help if they’re losing their mind, but the Tile Bluetooth Trackers are perfect for locating lost items.

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Gifts for boyfriends

Boyfriends can be one of the easiest people to buy for - but maybe you’re wanting to be inspired by something a bit different! Our suggestions below will hopefully have you feeling inspired.

Get him an Airfryer - they use less fat than deep fryers to cook the same crispy delicious chips, plus you can also use it to roast, grill and bake (think cakes!). Or is he passionate about getting out and being active? The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro could be the perfect activity tracker to measure those steps and track those laps! He’ll be able to escape the entire outside world with a VR Headset. Put it on and let the world slip away and the virtual reality take it’s place! Good luck bringing him back...

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Gifts for girlfriends

Treat your girlfriend this Christmas with something meaningful and useful! You may have already considered a gift related to health & nutrition, but it is truly amazing what the NutriBullet can blend! Nuts, seeds, and stems will be blitzed in seconds and she’ll be enjoying her morning smoothie in minutes!

The Hairstyla Cordless Hair Straightener is wireless and charges through a USB so she’ll have no excuse to be late for any event now! It has a 45 minute battery life and 3 heat settings to help create the perfect hairdo. Another wireless number, the Jaybird RUN Bluetooth Sport earphones are sweat and water resistant, and will be the perfect partner for every run and walk she journeys into.

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Gifts for sons

Also great gift ideas for brothers, nephews, cousins, and more - these inspired gift ideas for sons will have you inspired for the whole family!

Does his imagination run wild? Or is he passionate about Star Wars? The Star Wars Sphero Droids will keep him entertained throughout the entire Christmas holidays! Is he always asking what food he can eat or what’s for dinner? Give him the key to create his own pies with a pie maker and he’ll be whipping up delicious snacks quickly and easily. Simply use pastry and any pre-cooked filling, even Christmas leftovers, to create sweet or savoury pies. Or for the classic gamer and aspiring soccer player - Playstation 4 Console with FIFA 18 bundle. Need we say more?

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Gifts for daughters

Finding the perfect gift for your daughter can be a daunting or delightful experience! You might have a list or need some inspiration to get you started. See our suggestions below.

Give your daughter the gift of music with the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speakers. They’re waterproof, come in three colour choices, and can even pair with each other for a party feel! Help her master the art of memories with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. This instant photo camera prints photos instantly and even has selfie mode! Is she driving age? A hands free kit would be a thoughtful gift for the daughter who doesn’t want to put her phone down!

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Gifts for kids

Kids generally have a Christmas wish list that reaches to the ceiling - but what do you think they need most? This short list is designed to inspire some gifting ideas that will last beyond Christmas Day.

For the kids who are afraid of the dark, or love to make lounge forts - a Philips Hue Go Portable light is the perfect addition to their lives! Are you gifting for a kid who builds their complex LEGO kit in a day? Try a robotic toy - there are toys for all ages and come either as pre-built units or customisable units! Take your pick. Or spend the day outside with the Play Locust Cage Drone and master the art of flying a toy drone!

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Gifts for mums

Where would we be without our mums? The person who has loved us, fed us, and given us the gifts we truly want and need. So of course we would want to return the favour!

Get her going in the morning with the Nespresso Creatista Plus. With 7 built-in coffee recipes and 11 adjustable milk temperature settings - mum will be enjoying cafe-style quality coffee in minutes. In the evening, make dinner faster with Breville The Steam Zone. Water starts steaming within 30 seconds and the sycronised finish means you can steam different food to be ready at the same time. After Christmas Day, she’ll need to relax, and what better way than with the Beurer Foot BubbleSpa With Aromatherapy? Mum can Enjoy a deluxe pedicure at home with the ultimate in footcare combined with soothing aromatherapy.

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Gifts for dads

Dad - the big kid of the family! Give him the gift of fun with our suggestions below.

Get the family together and treat him to a Samsung QLED TV. A curved TV will make him feel like he’s in the game, and the picture and sound quality will block out the rest of the Christmas Day action. Is he an aspiring pilot (in his dreams)? A drone could be the gift that sets him free - and helps him capture memories from the sky! Family videos will never be the same again. Or is he always getting lost but never asks for directions? A GPS in a subtle hint that’ll help you get to your destination on time and without the stop to pull out that fold out map!

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