Introducing PartPay

Now available online and in-store

Get 6 weeks to pay with no interest or fees with PartPay on purchases between $50-$1000.

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Frequently Asked Questions


PartPay allows you to make purchases and take your goods straight away, but pay 25% up-front with the rest charged over 3 fortnightly interest free instalments.

If you pass PartPay’s minimum credit criteria you will be allocated a spend limit between $150 and $1,000 subject to an individualised credit assessment.

You need to apply online at so will need mobile data or wifi. The sign-up process takes 2-3 minutes and you need to be 18+, have a NZ debit or credit card and have a NZ Driver Licence.

PartPay needs to identify you. You can get manually ID verified at with other forms of ID (this process can take up to 24 hours).

There are no fees or interest costs to shop with PartPay if you make your payments on time. If you miss a payment you will be charged an $8 default fee per week it is late (capped at $40 total fees per purchase).

PartPay performs a credit check as part of its application process. Noel Leeming does not have any influence on PartPay’s credit criteria. If you have questions around your application you will need to contact PartPay via their website

If you are a new PartPay customer, you will need to wait until your 2nd instalment has been paid (2 weeks after purchase) before you can shop with PartPay again.

Step 1: Download the PartPay app or sign up at You need to be 18+, have a NZ debit or credit card and have a NZ Driver Licence. See FAQs below for more info and what to do if you don’t have a NZ Driver Licence.

Step 2: If approved to shop you will see your available balance. This can be between $150 and $1,000 subject to an individualised credit assessment. Your spend limit will increase if you make all your payments on time.

Step 3: Navigate to “in-store” and create an in-store QR code. You must be able to make the entire purchase with your available balance and cannot top up with another payment type like cash or eftpos. You must have at least 25% on your nominated card.

Step 4: Present your in-store QR code to the team at checkout, or scan yourself at self-checkout. You will need to approve the purchase on your mobile once the code is scanned. The first 25% payment is charged immediately.


You will need your mobile phone and mobile data or wifi to shop with PartPay. Download the PartPay app or log-in at then navigate to “in-store”. Create an in-store QR code and present to the team at checkout, or scan yourself at self-checkout. You will need to approve the purchase on your mobile once the code is scanned.

There is a minimum spend of $50 to shop with PartPay at Noel Leeming.

No. You can’t make a partial payment with PartPay and must be able to pay for the entire transaction with your available balance.

No, you only need 25% of your purchase on your nominated card which is charged at checkout.

No, you need to sign up to PartPay and be approved to shop BEFORE shopping in-store.


  • You can return items purchased using PartPay but only for a refund, exchanges are not available. Bring your items to store, we’ll process the refund and you can choose something else.
  • PartPay refunds are made via PartPay directly to the card associated with your PartPay account. Refunds are applied to unpaid instalments first.
  • No cash refunds will be given in-store under any circumstances.
  • PartPay refunds can only be processed as standalone transactions.
  • Normal bank processing times for refunds apply.

PartPay can't be used to purchase mobile top-ups, epay products (itunes, gaming cards etc), Gift Cards, Christmas Club cards (including top-ups), or Trend Micro and Norton Anti Virus.

Terms & Conditions of Use

For full terms or to apply see

PartPay Limited is an external payment service provider. Noel Leeming offers PartPay as a further payment option for you when purchasing goods from us.

General Terms

  1. PartPay Limited is an external service provider and is not part of Noel Leeming or an associated subsidiary.
  2. Fees – there are no initial fees* applicable to you for using the PartPay service. *Some fees may apply if you default on a payment.
  3. For PartPay’s FAQ’s and full Terms and Conditions please go to
  4. Credit criteria and credit checks apply to the use of the PartPay service. When you sign up to PartPay, your minimum credit limit is $150, maximum credit limit is $1000.
  5. The PartPay payment service is available for both in-store and online purchases.
  6. The PartPay service may be used for online and in-store purchases with a value of between $50 to $1000. PartPay is not available for amounts lower or higher than those stated above.
  7. Product Exclusions – Gift Cards, iTunes cards, Gaming Cards and any other products in this category are not able to be purchased using the PartPay method of payment.
  8. PartPay is not available for BizRewards customers.
  9. PartPay cannot be used in conjunction with any other payment type (i.e. split-tender). The purchase must be made in full with PartPay. If you do not have enough available credit on your PartPay balance, you must use another form of payment (credit card, cash etc.).
  10. Purple Visa Card points are not applicable when paying with PartPay.
  11. If you are a Team Member, you may use your Team Card in conjunction with transacting your payment through the PartPay service.

What you need

  1. You must be over 18 at the time of your purchase in order to be able to use the PartPay service.
  2. PartPay is only available to New Zealand residents.
  3. In order to use the PartPay payment service, you must have a current New Zealand Driver’s Licence and a New Zealand debit or credit card. If you do not have either of these, please contact PartPay directly to discuss further options.


  1. Should you have any issues with your purchase, you are able to return your product to us under our standard terms. Go to for further information.
  2. Cash refunds or refunds directly back to your credit or debit card are not permitted. Any refunds made by Noel Leeming will be made directly to PartPay who will refund back to the card that you used to pay for your goods. This refund may take up to seven (7) days. Refer to PartPay’s terms and conditions for further information.
  3. Refunds will be made to the full original purchase, and any items that you have retained ownership of will be added back to your PartPay account.
  4. Good may be exchanged under our standard exchange or change-of-mind terms, however a full reversal of the original purchase must be made, and any items that you do not wish to exchange will be added back to your PartPay account. In the event the item you have exchanged is of higher value, this additional value will be charged to your PartPay account.