Repairs & Warranty

1. When is an item not covered under warranty?

There are some exclusions to what a manufacturer’s warranty will cover, which include, but are not limited to, liquid damage, force damage, damage due to misuse, wear and tear, user inflicted damage, infestation, mould or mildew.

Noel Leeming’s SuperCover warranty does cover normal wear and tear, but not damage inflicted by the user. Unless the optional Accidental Damage cover is purchased at time of sale.  Under Accidental Damage cover, most sudden and unforeseen damage, drops or spills, resulting in impacted performance or functions caused by an unintentional or unexpected external even arising during normal handling.

A Manufacturer’s or SuperCover warranty or Accidental Damage Cover will not cover data back-up or problems caused by software installed or downloaded after purchase.

Neither a manufacturer warranty nor a SuperCover warranty nor Accidental Damage Cover will cover loss or theft of the item.

However, if you have made the purchase under a hire purchase agreement that includes additional benefits in the event of theft or loss, please contact the Finance company that you are signed up with or our Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 for further information or to request your purchase details.

2. What is a mobile phone assessment bond?

A mobile assessment bond of $55 is taken on all mobile phone repairs before they are inspected by a service agent. This bond is fully refundable if the product sent for assessment, is deemed to have a manufacturing fault or under the SuperCover warranty, however if the service agent diagnoses the fault as not covered under warranty then the $55 bond is retained to cover part of the assessment cost.

If the fault is found to not be covered under warranty and the amount quoted by the service agent to repair the item is accepted, the $55 bond taken is deducted from the total repair cost. As an extension of this, if the fault found is not covered by the manufacturer but accepted under the optional Accidental Damage cover, the bond will be used towards the excess payment.

Why has my Mobile Phone Assessment Bond not been refunded?

The Mobile Phone Assessment Bond will not be refunded if:

  • The fault found is not deemed to be a manufacturing fault or covered by the SuperCover warranty, such as; force damage, liquid damage, damage caused by tampering with the unit and damage caused by the software downloaded by the end user.
  • The phone is outside SuperCover warranty period
  • There was no fault found
  • The phone was assessed and the repair quote was declined

For more information on what is not covered by the SuperCover warranty, see the SuperCover Brochure

3. What is Noel Leeming's Warranties Policy?

Purchasing on-line gives you the same warranties and protection as buying from any of our physical stores nationwide.

Your rights under the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 protect you.

Items may also be covered by a manufacturers' warranty and Noel Leeming offers an optional five-year (or in some cases three-year) SuperCover warranty on many products.

The SuperCover Warranty extends and enhances the manufacturers' warranty from the date of sale for a period of three or five years and covers all mechanical and electrical faults for parts and labour. In addition, the SuperCover Warranty covers 'normal wear and tear'-even when excluded by the manufacturers warranty! Damage from power surges or spikes are covered (conditional), and the balance of the warranty is transferable if the product is sold by the original purchaser to another party. 

4. How can I get an item repaired?

Your local Noel Leeming store can book a repair with an authorised service agent for products purchased from us.

Before booking an item in for repair, we recommend referring to the manufacturer’s instructions or to the manufacturer’s online or over-the-phone diagnosis for a possible resolution to the issue you are experiencing.

If you are unsure of your item’s warranty coverage or would like to request a copy of your receipt, please contact our Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 or

Repairs for items under SuperCover Extended Warranty:

If your item is covered by an extended warranty, call the SuperCover team on 0800 478 737 or go to to log your repair. Please have your purchase details handy, or call the Noel Leeming Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 to request these.

Small Item Repair Process:

For smaller items under a manufacturer’s warranty or out of warranty, you will be required to bring the product into your nearest Noel Leeming store. Our team can then book this in for assessment with an authorised service agent.

Please be aware that an assessment fee will apply if the item is not covered under a warranty or if no fault is found with the item.

For mobile phone repair jobs, a $55 Cell Phone Bond (refundable) will need to be taken before the phone is sent away for assessment. For further information on Mobile Assessment fees and bonds, please click here.

Large Item Repair Process:

Large items booked in for repair are often collected or repaired on-site, please call us on 0800 44 44 88 or visit your local Noel Leeming store to book a repair.

“Large items” include large White-ware items (like Ovens and Washing Machines etc.) and Televisions 42” and over. If you are unsure as to whether your item is classed as a large item, please contact our Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 or for clarification

5. What is SuperCover warranty?

Maximise your experience with SuperCover:

  • 24/7 online claims processing
  • International Coverage – assistance whilst temporarily or permanently overseas 
  • Cover for power surge and ‘normal wear and tear’
  • Replacement Cover on Small Appliances and other products $450 or less 
  • Food loss on fridges
  • Laundry Cover on washers and dryers 
  • Battery Cover on all batteries including removable ones, unless a consumable
  • Remote Cover for one remote on TV’s 
  • 30 day Price Protection
  • Limited cover for Commercial Use 

Your rights and remedies under SuperCover operate alongside, and in addition to, your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA). 
Please refer to SuperCover product brochure for full terms and conditions. 

Call 0800 478 737 or go to if you need to make a claim 

6. Purchasing, Returning and Transferring Extended Warranties

Can I return an extended warranty?

Yes, you have the right to cancel the warranty in 7 days of purchase for a refund. Under the Cooling off Period clause, you can choose to return an unused extended warranty for a store credit via a Noel Leeming gift card after 7 days but before 28 days from date of the original purchase date.

Purchasing an extended warranty:

If you would like to purchase an extended warranty after buying a product, you can choose to add an extended warranty to the product up to 90 days after the original purchase. To do this, please visit your local Noel Leeming store or call us on 0800 44 44 88.

There are many ways to purchase an extended warranty for a product you are buying online, you can:

  • Select the extended warranty via the radio buttons located just above the 'Buy Now' button on the product page.
  • Select the extended warranty on the popup that will appear after the 'Buy Now' button is clicked on
  • Select the extended warranty in the checkout/cart via the radio buttons located in the 'Optional Extras' box.

Can I transfer my extended warranty to another person?

Yes. If your product is sold or given to another person, you can transfer the remaining portion of the extended warranty to them. You will need to contact SuperCover to do this on 0800 478 737

7. Help me choose

What is myTechSolution?

MyTechSolution is a total service solution, providing complete service and support for your product.

  • Our Tech specialists will get your device set up and running in home or in store.
  • Unlimited remote phone and chat support for the lifetime of your plan.
  • 4 one on one learning sessions with our Tech specialist.
  • 3 or 5 year SuperCover extended warranty to protect you from product faults.
  • $20 Noel Leeming voucher on your first three anniversaries.
  • In home plans include delivery and product recycling.

Read full Terms and Conditions


What is a SuperCover Warranty?

SuperCover gives you peace of mind that your product is protected for 3 or 5 years.

  • 24/7 online claims processing.
  • International Coverage — assistance whilst temporarily or permanently overseas.
  • Cover for power surge and ‘normal wear and tear’.
  • Food loss on fridges.
  • Laundry Cover on washers and dryers.
  • Remote Cover for one remote on TVs.
  • 30 day Price Protection.

Read full Terms and Conditions

Your rights and remedies under SuperCover operate alongside, and in addition to, your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA).