Product reviews are an ever more important feature in our everyday lives. They help us compare products, set our expectations before the purchase and allow us to make the right choices – whether we’re buying for ourselves or for someone else. With this in mind, Noel Leeming has partnered with leading global product review aggregator, TestFreaks to provide you with the most comprehensive un-biased opinion on a huge range of our products.

Using advanced product-matching technology and a global team of data specialists, TestFreaks brings millions of reviews instantly to the Noel Leeming website from thousands of different sources. Instead of endlessly searching out reviews from numerous sources, you’ll find the scores, pros and cons and conclusions right here on the product pages.

Who are TestFreaks?

TestFreaks is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has been collecting review content from both experts and consumers since 2006. They are an independent company working to help you make the right choices, by providing a complete and un-censored opinion of hundreds of thousands of consumer products. Although all reviews go through quality filters to ensure accuracy and relevance, they don’t ever edit or remove negative reviews, nor do they favour any particular manufacturer. TestFreaks do not write any of the reviews themselves.

How are the Review scores calculated?

The overall product scores are more than just an average of all the scores collected. There are many criteria taken into account which gives the consumer the most accurate measurement of just how good (or bad) a product is. The score is an overall product score based on a combination of all expert and user reviews we have collected for a product.

The effect each individual review has on the score depends on various factors, such as: Trust - Reviews from trusted, high-quality sources have higher importance. Votes - Scores based on several votes are more reliable than scores with few votes. Experts - Expert reviews are generally more important than user reviews. Another one of these factors is the age of the product against it’s life-cycle. This is important as a product which scored 10/10 two years ago may not necessarily stand up so well against more recent products.