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S Pen works like a real pen with more

S Pen offers low latency to provide a more
realistic pen experience. Packed with the
versatility of Bluetooth, gesture control, and so
much more, it's Galaxy's most powerful pen.


The three powerful cameras that keep
you honing your craft

Each phone features an array of wide, ultrawide
and telephoto lenses which capture millions more
pixels for more detailed photos. With the 108MP
camera on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the
64MP on Galaxy Note20, you can pinch in on the
background and see it with incredible clarity. You
can also zoom in up to 30X on the Note20 and all
the way up to 50X on the Note20 Ultra.


Prograde video

Twice the resolution of 4K UHD means way more
detail and crisp recording — and now you can
deliver prograde 8K video with director level
control. Take full control of the shot with ISO,
shutter speed, manual focus, and more options in
Pro Video mode.


High refresh rate for an incredibly
smooth view

The Note20 delivers seamless viewing while the
Dynamic AMOLED 2X InfinityO
Display on Galaxy Note20 Ultra delivers 1500 nits for a
colourful, glare free view, even in bright daylight.
And it reduces blue light significantly to help
lessen eye strain.

Powerful Performance for Work & Play

The new Note 20 gives you the Power to Work with a new lifelike and highly responsive S-Pen and a large capacity battery for the ultimate Phone-PC experience; the Power to Play with unique gaming and movie-like video creation features.

The device that has it all in one.

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