Hey Google, turn up the volume!

Today, getting your car set up and ready to hit the road isn’t as simple as getting the insurance, registration and warrant of fitness sorted. Not only do you need to think about petrol, but what about syncing your contacts to your car’s dashboard? Or getting your podcasts to play on your stereo? Or ensuring your Google Maps don’t interfere with your reversing camera?

That’s where Noel Leeming comes in. We offer in-car assessments to help you with all things Bluetooth and hands-free. No more guessing. No more wondering what gadgets do what or how to install peg A into square B. Thanks to Noel Leeming’s Tech Solutions, we’ll get your automobile connected and on the road in no time.

We can help with the following

Car Assessment

Is connecting your car to Bluetooth a frustration or your connection is inconsistent? We’ll check your handset and sort your connection so it works, every time.  If you're having any other issues, we'll discuss what you're facing AND what you would like to see in your car. This includes reviewing your vehicle stereo to understand which functions it does or does not have, any accessories within your vehicle and review which devices are connected or ones you wish to be.


You'll get a tailored solution fit for your needs and your vehicle. For any accessories or further technology that you desire, we will help to consult you on what each does and whether it can be installed in your vehicle.

Installation & Usage

We'll connect and install your Bluetooth device to ensure it is working seamlessly in your car as recommended. All accessories purchased will be installed and we will show you how it all works and how to use everyday.

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