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Tech tips from our tech experts

Keen to make the most out of your new smartphone, computer, or Smart TV? Our Tech Solutions team have collated their favourite tech tips to help you out!


Know your smartphone

Smartphones are a wonderful thing, they help us to communicate, navigate, and learn. We use them for everything we do - it’s our map book, daily planner, alarm clock, weather reporter, camera, music player, encyclopedia and much more. But like any technologies we can all have our fair share of problems with the smartphone. 

Here are some tech tips from the Tech Solutions team for you so you can get the most out of yours.



1. Get the camera ready

Quickly access your camera from the bottom of your lock screen; so you don’t miss a moment.

2. Download updates

If something isn’t working properly on your smartphone, check for updates or simply restart your smartphone. These updates usually help solve issues you may be experiencing, they also help keep security features current.

3. Don't charge overnight

Don’t leave your smartphones charging overnight. Give them small charges throughout the day as this helps to prolong the battery life of your smartphone.

4. Get prolonged battery life

Turning Bluetooth, Mobile Data and Location Services off when you aren’t using them on your smartphone will help prolong its battery life plus save you money and data usage.

5. Do I need a screen protector?

Are screen protectors worth buying? Definitely! Our devices are often dropped, put in our bags with keys etc. It is much cheaper replacing a screen protector than it is to replace a screen.


Know your computer

Computers have been the innovation of the last century, with powerful processors to complete almost any task you need – from gaming to work and more. But like any technologies we can all have our fair share of problems with the computer.

Here are some tech tips from the Tech Solutions team for you so you can get the most out of yours.


1. Backup, backup and backup again!

When a hard drive completely fails, your information will be lost forever except if you have access to magic fairy dust.

2. Always allow software/apps to update

These updates usually help solve issues you may be experiencing; they also help keep security features current.

3. Parental Controls

Did you know that your paid antivirus services often have parental controls built in? You can block websites, set hours your children can access the internet or use the device and see a record of their usage.

4. Antivirus

Think of your device as your house. A free antivirus works as if you just locked the door and maybe shut the windows. Full cover is like adding an alarm system, a 10ft fence and a guard dog. Protect yourself and your data.

5. Screenshot

The 'snipping tool' is a great tool that comes with every Windows PC. It allows you to grab a cut of anything on your screen.

6. Remove unnecessary files

Clearing the recycling bin of unwanted files and photos is an easy way to free up an extra bit of space.


Know your Smart TV

The majority of our range of TVs at Noel Leeming are Smart TVs, so it makes sense to get to know yours. The Smart TV experience provides the ultimate in entertainment. From movies to apps to games, and with an intuitive menu, it makes it easy to find your favourites and make the most of what these TVs have to offer.

Do you really know what your Smart TV* can do? We share some tips below.



1. Set your Smart TV to wake you up using the smartphone app to show the news, local weather, and your schedule, so your day can get off to a great start.

2. Stream from your device to your Smart TV and show the room the big picture. Holiday pictures, family videos, and more can be mirrored onto your Smart TV in one simple step so everyone can share in the moment.

3. Smart TVs also have a web browser so you can quickly find answers to burning questions, and read on the big screen.

4. Some Smart TVs have gesture & voice control so you can navigate your TV with minimal effort. 


* Relevance of tips depends on the Smart TV you have. These tips are intended to provide a guideline and inspiration for how you could maximise your Smart TV experience. The Tech Solutions team will be able to provide you with a full spectrum of your Smart TV capabilities.


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