• 3SIXT Prime Motorised Car Mount 15W 3S-1802
    $ 129.95
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    Enjoy the ability to charge your Qi-enabled Apple or Samsung devices fast and wirelessly so you can keep navigating truly hands-free to your destination, uninterrupted and concentrating 100% safely on the road!

    • 3SIXT Qi Wireless Charger Smart Car Mount comes with multiple features, making it easier than ever to charge your device while on the go.
    • Simply tap the top of the mount and the arms/clamps automatically open, ready for your device. When you place your device in the mount, infrared sensors detect the proximity and adjust the motorised arms/clamps securing the device tightly in place. To release, tap the top of the mount again to retrieve your device.
    • The built-in battery allows activation of the mount even when your car engine is switched off.
    • Certified Qi wireless charging
    • Smart motorised arms/clamps
    • Built-in battery back-up
    • One tap open/close system
    • Power: 5W / 7.5W / 10W
    • Battery Back-Up Capacity: 200mAh
    • Cradle dimensions: 90 mm x 55 mm