ALOGIC Phone Cables & Chargers

  • ALOGIC USB-C Cable - 3 Metres MU2CA-03SLV
    $ 39.99

    The ALOGIC 2.0 USB-A to USB-C cable allows you to charge devices and sync files, photos, videos etc. The cable can be connected to a USB wall adapter for charging or to a computer for syncing data and charging.

    • Charge & Sync: One single cable lets you charge your USB-C enabled devices. Sync data such as photos, videos, files etc between devices such as USB-C enabled computers and mobile phones.
    • Ultra Premium & Durable: Sleeved Cable & Aluminium Construction. Durable nylon braiding and precision laser welding to withstand all pulling, stretching and yanking.
  • ALOGIC Super Ultra USB-C Cable - 3M - Silver ULCA203-SLV
    $ 39.99

    "The ALOGIC Super Ultra USB-C to USB-A Cable allows you to connect the latest USB-C devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops, to your compatible accessory or peripheral. Crafted from superior quality materials the cable is lightweight, durable and designed to fit into any laptop bag or backpack.The Super Ultra range of cables are crafted from superior materials and specially designed to provide additional strain relief, reinforcement and protection against wear and tear to guarantee a longer lifespan."

    • "Super Ultra Rugged Construction - The ALOGIC Super Ultra range is crafted from superior materials and specially designed to guarantee a longer lifespan. The cable is strengthened with synthetic fibre and reinforced with flexible nylon double braiding to provide maximum protection against all types of wear and tear. The cable head is constructed from thermoplastic (TPE) for maximum strain relief and finished with metal alloy housing for additional durability."
    • "Charge, Sync & Power- The cable allows you to charge your USB-C devices using a USB-A enabled wall charger or a computer. It can output up to 3A current for fast charging your phone or accessory. It will also support up to 480Mbps data transfer rates to sync your photos, videos, music and files."
  • ALOGIC 2 Port Portable HDMI 2.0 4K Splitter with In-built 50cm HDMI HD4KSPL02-ADP
    $ 74.99
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    This Alogic 2-Port portable HDMI 2.0 4K splitter lets you distribute one HDMI signal into two HDMI display simultaneously. The splitter is compliant with HDMI 2.0 Specifications and support resolutions up to 4K - 60Hz.

    • HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 : Ultra HD 4K Support, The switch is compliant with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 specifications.
    • It supports true Ultra HD 4K-60Hz for a stunning viewing experience.
  • ALOGIC USB-C Dock Nano with HDMI and USB - Space Grey ULDNAMN-UA-SGR
    $ 99.99
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    Increase the functionality of your Chromebook, iPad Pro/Macbook Pro/Air or any other USB-C enabled device with the ALOGIC USB-C Dock Nano Mini with USB-A. USB-C Dock Nano Mini provides you full access to some of the most popular peripheral ports for the home, office or on-the-go. Featuring 4K HDMI (30Hz) output for a crisp resolution when you connect to an external display monitor, USB-A with USB 3.0 supporting up to 5Gbps data transfer rate, USB-C with Power Delivery (60W) with audio and a 3.5mm AUX port. With a plug-and-play design, the Dock Nano Mini becomes an extension of your device without the need for software or drivers.

    • Essential Connectivity: The ALOGIC USB-C Dock Nano Mini is engineered with all the essential ports to provide you with the most popular digital connectivity options allowing you to unlock your device's full potential. The dock features 4K HDMI (30Hz), USB-C Power Delivery (60W) and audio, USB-A (USB 3.0) and a 3.5mm AUX port to enhance your device's functionalities.
    • Compact & Portable: The compact, minimal and lightweight design of the Dock Nano Mini is user-friendly for handheld use, or as part of a workspace and is the perfect travel companion fitting easily into any bag or pocket. Crafted from aluminium and soft-touch ABS the Dock Nano Mini is highly durable, scratch-proof and is designed to complement your device. Available in Silver and Space Grey to match your device, the dock becomes an extension of your device.
    • Compatible with Samsung DeX: Multitask between devices like a boss. Connect your Galaxy to your monitor or TV to bring it to life on the big screen. And now, with just a USB cable, unlock your phone's possibilities on PC and Mac through Samsung DeX.
    • Just a USB cable unlocks Samsung DeX on your computer. Drag and drop files from device to device with no interruptions. Get more things done using a mouse and keyboard on your PC or Mac. Many apps you use every day are optimized to work naturally as you switch between screens.
    • Go from MS Office Suite to Adobe Sketch or Browser to YouTube. You can use them on your device, then enjoy them even more on a bigger display. With your favorite apps on Samsung DeX you'll get your jobs done before you know it, and even have time for games.
  • ALOGIC Rapid Wireless Charging Dock for Apple Watch & iPhone QC10AWRDWH
    $ 169.99
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    The ALOGIC Rapid Wireless Charging Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone has been designed to create a seamless fast charging experience. Ideal for the home or office, the charging dock wirelessly charges your Apple Watch and any Qi-enabled device, such as an iPhone or Airpods. iPhone 8 or newer, Wireless charging case required

    • Rapid Charge Your Devices Simultaneously
    • Remove the Clutter
    • Nightstand Mode and universal Apple Watch band support
    • Certified Safe - meets and exceeds all safety standards
  • ALOGIC Ultra Slim 4-Port Super Speed USB 3.0 Hub U34BHBK
    $ 34.99

    The ALOGIC Host Powered USB 3.0 4-Port Hub allows you to effortlessly connect up to 4 USB 3.0 devices to your computer or laptop, such as an MP3 player, digital camera, printer or smartphone.

    • Portable and Compact Design: The perfect solution for USB expansion on your computer, laptop or tablet.
    • Light, durable and incredibly beautiful design.
    • 4 Port USB Hub: The device uses only one USB port on your computer. Provides access to 4 spare USB 3.0 Ports.
    • Self Powered & Driver Free: Plug and play device and comes with pre-installing drivers compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Does not need any need any software or drivers installed prior to operation. The device is also self-powered through the USB port.
  • ALOGIC Ultra 1.5m USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Cable ULC35A1.5-SGR
    $ 34.99

    The USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Cable lets you connect your USB-C enabled device to a 3.5mm enabled device such as speakers, amplifiers and car audio jacks.

    • Active Chipset: The cable has an inbuilt active chipset to improve your audio quality for the best listening experience
    • Wider Compatibility: The cable is designed to work with most of the mobile phones, tablets and notebooks with an audio enabled USB-C port.
    • Ultra-Built Quality: The Ultra range of premium cables are made from superior quality materials for the most elegant look and ultimate strength. The unibody aluminium design provides the best fit, finish and durability for long-lasting use. Cable construction with the flexible and tough TPE jacket makes it easy to use on a daily basis. This is topped with our ingenious design to reinforce the cable at potential stress points for maximum longevity. All this ensures a finished product that will meet and exceed all performance standard beyond expectations.
  • ALOGIC 3 in 1 DisplayPort to HDMI/ DVI/ VGA Adapter DP-VGDVHD-ADP
    $ 49.99

    The ALOGIC DP-VGDVHD-ADP DisplayPort to HDMI DVI VGA Adapter is an innovative 3-in-1 solution for connecting a DisplayPort enabled source such as an Ultrabook or PC computer to an HDMI, DVI, or VGA enabled Display. Multiple outputs from the adapter ensure compatibility with almost any Projector, Monitor or Display for travel, or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications at the office.The Plug-and-Play adapter has a small foot print and lightweight design perfect for travel, or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications at the office.The adapter doesn't support multiple displays at the same time and only one video output is supported on the adapter at a time. If multiple displays are connected at the same time only one of the output will function.

    • Innovative 3-in-1 solution
    • Connects a DisplayPort-enabled source to HDMI/DVI/VGA enabled display
    • Ensures compatibility with almost any Projector, Monitor or Display
    • Plug-and-Play adapter has a small footprint and lightweight design
  • ALOGIC 2 Port USB-C & USB-A Wall Charger 30W with Power Delivery WCCA30WH
    $ 44.99

    The ALOGIC Dual Port wall charger features one USB-C and USB-A port for fast and convenient charging of two devices simultaneously. The USB-C Port is enabled with the latest Power Delivery 3.0 technology with the maximum power of 18Watts for super-fast charging of your USB-C enabled device. The USB-A port can output 12 Watts at the same time to fast charge a second device, without any wait.

    • Power Delivery Technology - The charger uses the latest and greatest of USB-C Power Delivery technology (PD 3.0), that lets you charge a range of USB-C enabled devices very quickly with up to 18W of power. The USB-A port outputs 12W power for fast charging a second device simultaneously.
    • Certified Safe - Meets & Exceeds all Safety standards - The 30W power adapter is certified to meet and exceed all local and international regulatory standards and features multiple safety functions.
    • Suitable for use at home/ Office or On-The-Go - The charger is designed to be versatile and durable making it perfect for use at home/office or On-The-Go as a travel companion to charge your devices quickly.
  • ALOGIC 5 Port HDMI 2.0 4K Switch with Wireless Remote HD4KSW05
    $ 99.99
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    Share 1 HDMI Display with 5 HDMI Sources - This ALOGIC 5-Port HDMI video switch lets you share a single HDMI display with up to 5 HDMI enabled sources. The switch is compliant with HDMI 2.0 Specifications and support resolutions up to 4K - 60Hz.

    • HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 : Ultra HD 4K Support
    • IR Remote & Auto Switching
  • ALOGIC Ultra DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter ULDPHDA-SGR
    $ 49.99

    ALOGIC Ultra DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Male to Female - 20cm - 4k@60Hz - ACTIVE

    $ 19.99

    The HDMI (F) to HDMI (F) Coupler - Female to Female is used to connect two HDMI cables. The most typical application is when a an existing installed cable needs to extended further, the HDMI coupler avoids the need to re-install a complete new cable and allows for the use if another cable of the required length to be connected to the existing cable by using the coupler in between them.

    • Extend an existing installed HDMI Cable with another HDMI Cable.
    • Moulded design for durability.
    • Transmits uncompressed Audio and Video.