Beats Portable Speakers

  • Beats Audio Cable


    $ 29.99

    The Beats Audio Cable lets you connect Beats headphones to your music player. It also functions as an auxiliary cable for playing music in the car from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

    • Connects Beats headphones to a music player
    • Works as an auxiliary cable for playing music from iOS devices in the car
  • Beats Remote Talk Cable


    $ 49.99

    The Beats Remote Talk Audio Cable puts control of your iPad, iPod, or iPhone at your fingertips, while also letting you take calls when listening with your Beats Studio, Beats Executive, Beats Mixr, Beats Solo HD, Beats Wireless, and Beats Pro headphones

    • Compatible with a wide range of Beats headphones
    • Inline controls for iOS devices
    • Built-in mic for convenient phone conversations
  • Beats Pill+ Speaker - White


    $ 249.97
    4 Fly Buys points

    Beats Pill+ is designed to go wherever you do and fill the room with a rich clear sound field that has as much power as it does definition. With a sleek interface, the Beats Pill+ is intuitive to use and brings people together with engaging features for a unique shared listening experience.

    • 12-hour rechargeable battery
    • Power adapter and lightning cable included
    • Built-in speakerphone
    • The stereo active 2-way crossover system creates an optimized sound field for dynamic range and clarity across all genres of music. Tweeter and woofer separation uses the same acoustic mechanics found in professional recording studios around the world.
    • With its sophisticated design, Beats Pill+ looks as good as it sounds. The simple, intuitive interface is no nonsense so you can get to your music fast.
    • Pair the Beats Pill+ to your iPhone, MacBook, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device and play your favorite tracks, videos, and games with optimized sound. Or pair it with your Apple Watch for ultimate convenience.
    • Improved voice performance allows you to make and receive calls with enhanced clarity.
    • The Beats Pill+ has a 12-hour battery life to stay charged on the go. Short on time? Use the included Lightning cable and power supply to get a quick charge in three hours. Keep track of your power levels with the fuel gauge so you always know how much battery is left.
    • Keep the music going by charging your iPhone or external music device with extra juice from the Beats Pill+.
  • Beats Pill+ Speaker - Red


    $ 249.97
    4 Fly Buys points

    Take the Beats Pill Speaker-Red along with you to listen to your favourite tunes on-the-go. With a compact design, this speaker is both sleek and practical. This portable speaker features a speakerphone function for talking on the phone hands-free. Ideal for a portable audio experience, it is equipped with Bluetooth so you can easily access and play all of your songs. This portable speaker has an AUX output, which enables you to daisy chain multiple speakers for a surround sound feel.

    • Defined, pure sound quality in a portable, compact design
    • Pair and play with your Bluetooth device
    • 12-hour rechargeable battery
    • Built-in speakerphone
    • Charge out to charge your iPhone and other devices
    • Power adapter and lightning cable included