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  • Electrolux Ease C4 Animal Bagless Vacuum EC41-4ANIM
    $ 299.00
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    Efficient cleaning, now effortless. Bagless vacuum cleaner built to filter dust effectively. Clean easily with great performance

    • Easy emptying
    • 1.8L dustbin capacity
    • Large wheels for better stability
    • 1800W max power level
    • 4 step filtration
    • Dual cyclone technology
    • Easy to carry
    • Turbo nozzle
    • Variable suction
  • Electrolux PureD9 Performance Kit ESKD9
    $ 44.99

    With the PURED9 Performance Kit, you'll have everything you need for roughly one year of top performance. The set includes 4 s-bag® Ultra Long Performance dust bags that give you up to 80% longer life and 2 times more suction power than the average paper bag.

    • The kit also includes a hygiene s-filter filter that captures the finest particles such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites and allergens
    • Powerflow technology, an innovative side folding that gives you morecapacity than flat bags and ensures it's flexible and easy to fit into your dust bag compartment
    • Suitable for PureD9 models
  • Electrolux Pure D9 with FlowMotion system PD916STT
    $ 739.00
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    Pure D9 with FlowMotion system - XL Easy-Roll wheels, patented nozzle and PureFlow Technology enable exceptionally smooth and effortless cleaning around your home.

    • Easily accessible 3 in 1 tool Conveniently stores your 3 in 1 tool which you can access with a pull of a tab.
    • CleanLift handle Never touch a dirty dust bag again thanks to the newly designed s-Bag and CleanLift Handle. This unique feature hygienically seals when you lift and eject the dust bag.
    • FlowMotion LED nozzle Motion activate LED light nozzle that lights up the darkest places so dust cannot hide with great performance on carpets and hardfloors.
    • Remote control handle Ensures the most effortless cleaning experience without having to bend down to adjust the suction on you body of the vacuum.
    • Intelligent user interface Built in digital user interface that shows you the level of suction as well as a multi-step indicator to tell you when you need to change your bag and filters.
    • Top class filtration Enables smooth and effortless maneuverability around your home through thanks to its XL Easy-Roll wheels and ball bearing FlowMotion nozzle.
  • Electrolux Well Q7 - Cordless Vacuum WQ71-P5OIB
    $ 449.00
    8 Fly Buys points

    With a Powerful 21.6V, three power settings and exceptional run time, it's everything you need for your everyday cleaning needs.