Electrolux Bags & Filters

  • Electrolux E201S Long Life S-Bag E201S
    $ 22.99

    This pack includes 4 s-bag® Classic Long Performance vacuum cleaner synthetic bags

    • Compatible with PureD9 models
  • Electrolux PureD9 Performance Kit ESKD9
    $ 44.99

    With the PURED9 Performance Kit, you'll have everything you need for roughly one year of top performance. The set includes 4 s-bag® Ultra Long Performance dust bags that give you up to 80% longer life and 2 times more suction power than the average paper bag.

    • The kit also includes a hygiene s-filter filter that captures the finest particles such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites and allergens
    • Powerflow technology, an innovative side folding that gives you morecapacity than flat bags and ensures it's flexible and easy to fit into your dust bag compartment
    • Suitable for PureD9 models