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  • Electrolux Hygiene Bagged Vacuum


    now $ 499.99
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    Price offer ends 28 May 2019.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 28 May 2019.

    A great unit for asthma sufferers and anyone who likes their place spick and span. Enjoy an effortless cleaning experience that automatically adjusts the power to suit all surfaces.

    • HEPA13 filtration
    • CleanLift handle allows you to never touch a dirty dust bag again
    • Intelligent user interface
    • FlowMotion system
    • FlowMotion LED nozzle
    • Remote control handle
    • Onboard 3 in 1 tool
    • Captures 99.95% of dust and allergens
  • Electrolux Animal Bagged Vacuum


    $ 799.99
    15 Fly Buys points

    Keep your house healthy and clean, and free of pet hair thanks to a top class filtration system capturing 99.95% of dust and allergens. You'll enjoy a superior cleaning performance on all surfaces with the FlowMotion System enabling smooth and effortless manoeuvrability around your home. You lead, it follows.

    • HEPA13 filtration
    • Intelligent user interface
    • CleanLift handle allows you to never touch a dirty dust bag again
    • Turbo nozzle
    • FlowMotion system
    • Remote control handle
    • Onboard 3 in 1 tool
    • European made
  • Electrolux Zen Bagged Vacuum


    $ 507.00
    10 Fly Buys points

    The world's most silent vacuum cleaner* at only 58dB(A). Thanks to the Silent ZEN System when using the Silent ZEN nozzle.

    • HEPA13 filter
    • Includes silent zen nozzle, hard floor nozzle, aero pro nozzle and 3 in 1 brush nozzle
    • LED 5 speed control panel on base unit and remote control handle
    • Dual parking positions
    • 12m reach
    • *When using the Silent ZEN nozzle. Testing based on the EU commission delegated regulation no. 665/2013
    • New silent ZEN nozzle: aerodynamic design of air channel to reduce unpleasant noise. Upgraded with grooves for lower noise on carpet and higher brushes for lower noise on hard floor
    • AeroPro turbo nozzle: designed for deep cleaning of rugs and wall to wall carpets. It is extremely powerful, with clever turbine driven brushes that reach deep into carpet
    • Hard floor nozzle: is ideal for delicate hard floor surfaces
    • AeroPro 3 in 1 brush nozzle: provides the convenience and variable cleaning ability of a brush, crevice and upholstery tool
    • Adjustable power control: the power regulation control helps you to choose the appropriate suction power depending on the floor surface being cleaned
    • Motion control system: soft and easy maneuverability with 12 metre cleaning reach