Endeavour Phone Cables & Chargers

  • Endeavour Multi Card Reader USB 2


    $ 19.99

    Multi-card reader with a plug and play USB 2.0 interface and comes with an integrated cable. The multi-card reader is USB powered with no external power required

    • Supports CF,SD,Micro SD, XD, Memory Stick, and M2
    • Data transfer with USB 2.0 connectivity
    • Multiple card reader
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Endeavour Multiport Vehicle Charging Station With Emergency Light


    $ 29.99

    This product is a multi-functional vehicle power station that fits in your car cup holder offering convenience and flexibility. With the proliferation of GPS units, smart phones, mobile phones, iPads, and all sort of other gadgets that people want to use or charge in their car, a single cigarette lighter socket is never enough. This handy power extender solves that problem. It converts a single DC Output in to a device providing dual USB and DC cigarette lighter charging outputs together with a battery voltage assessor.

    • 3.1Amp USB output for charging your Apple or Android devices while using the 12V charging sockets to power your GPS, Radar detectors and other devices
    • Built-in LED for Night-reading (white light) and Strobe Light Sending in Emergency Cases (red light)
    • Dual USB Ports and Cigarette Socket Adapters
    • On/Off switch for each DC power socket
    • Charges various mobile devices
    • Built-in rechargeable battery 1800mAh
    • Charge the batteries of your drone, camera, smart watch and other electronic devices
  • Endeavour NZ Telephone Plug to RJ11 Plug - 2M


    $ 21.99

    NZ Telephone Plug to RJ11 Plug - 2M

  • Endeavour Phone Adapter RJ11 Plug to NZ Socket


    $ 16.99

    RJ11 Plug to NZ Socket Adaptor

    • Used to convert a NZ telephone plug to a RJ11 USA plug
  • Endeavour RJ11 Modular Plug to Plug- 2m


    $ 18.99

    RJ11 Modular Plug to Plug- 2m

  • Endeavour Stand Wireless Charger


    $ 39.99

    Endeavour Stand Wireless Charger

  • Endeavour Stylus Pen - Black


    $ 14.99

    Endeavor Stylus Pen Space Grey

    • Material - Aluminium
  • Endeavour Stylus Pen Space - Grey


    $ 14.99

    Endeavor Stylus Pen Space Grey

    • Material - Aluminium
  • Endeavour USB-A to USB-A Cable - 2M


    $ 24.99

    USB-A to USB-A Cable - 2M

    • Used to extend the length of an existing standard usb cable or can beleft plugged into pc where constant access to ports is difficult
  • Endeavour USB-A to USB-B Printer Cable -2M


    $ 24.99

    USB-A to USB-B Cable -2M

    • Use to connect a printer, scanner, external hard drive or other pc peripheral to a computer
  • Endeavour USB-A To USB-C Cable 2M


    $ 34.99

    Endeavour USB 3.0 USB-A to USB-C cable 2m PVC housing

    • 2m Length
    • A to C
    • PVC housing
  • Endeavour USB-C Cable 1M - Chocolate


    $ 29.99

    1M USB Cable Type C 2.0 to C-A Chocolate

    • 1m Length
    • USB C to USB A
    • Colour - Chocolate