Fisher & Paykel Kitchen whiteware and white appliances

  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher DW60FC2W1
    $ 1399.00
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    Efficiently wash your dishes with the 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher. This dishwasher is made with variable wash pressure technology and it is designed with a ThermoDry system, eliminating moisture from the rinse and leaving your dishes with an ultra-dry finish. Built with a three-stage filtration system, it provides a better clean. This dishwasher has an easy lift adjustable upper basket, enabling you to make full use of your space by creating more room to wash larger dishes. It features wine glass support, which stabilises and holds your stemware upright so they get cleaner as they go through the cycle. Designed to be energy efficient, this dishwasher is a more economical choice.

    • H 1804 x W 833 x D 716mm
    • Humidity controlled vege bin
    • Smart Lock door system
    • Non-plumbed water dispenser
    • Quad Door French Door
    • With humidity controlled vegetable bin to help fresh produce stay fresh for longer. Provides the ideal environment for preserving various foods, with HumidityZone and DryZone.
    • Efficient drying
    • Reliable wash performance
    • Easy to load
    • Energy efficient
    • 3.5 star energy
    • 5 star water rating
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher DW60FC6X1
    $ 1999.00
    39 Fly Buys points

    For excellent performance and functionality, choose the 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher. This dishwasher features efficient drying and a three-stage filtration system, which results in a superior clean. It is made with a ThermoDry system and has an auto-sensing option, detecting how dirty your dishes are and modifying the heat, intensity and cycle duration for a flawless clean. Designed to be energy efficient, this dishwasher conserves your water, energy and overall cost. This dishwasher has folding tines, providing you with additional space for loading pots, pans and large items. It features height-adjustable cup racks and an easy lift adjustable upper basket, which enables you to accommodate larger dishes.

    • H 820-870 x W 597 x D 610mm
    • Quiet performance
    • Flexible wash options
    • Sanitise clean, extra dry or extra fast settings
    • Easy to load
    • Energy efficient
    • Efficient drying
    • Reliable wash performance
    • 4 star energy
    • 5.5 star water
  • Fisher & Paykel 610 Litre Side by Side Fridge Freezer RX611DUX1
    $ 2550.00
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    Price offer ends 3 November 2020.

    The 610 Litre Side-By-Side Fridge Freezer is the smart option for storing your family's groceries. Boasting side-by-side doors, it is made to organise the fridge space. With the glass shelves, you'll be able to easily wipe up any spilt drinks. Featuring a convenient crisper drawer, this refrigerator will be excellent for keeping your vegetables fresh for longer. This refrigerator has a door alarm, which will alert you when the refrigerator has been left open. The silver Fisher & Paykel RX611DUX1 comes with a 385L fridge volume, which gives you plenty of space to store various food items. Easily operate all its features and functions with this fridge's Smart touch LED control panel. The 610 Litre Side-By-Side Fridge Freezer provides loads of room, and will make a great addition to you household.

    • H 1795 x W 910 x D 690mm
    • Water and ice dispenser
    • Quick freeze, quick cool and holiday modes
    • Wide open spaces
    • Frost free large easy access freezer
    • Keeps deli items separate
    • Open door alarm
    • Stainless finish
    • LED lights
  • Fisher & Paykel 373 Litre Fridge Freezer RF372BRYW6
    $ 1444.00
    28 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 3 November 2020.

    Create your dream kitchen with the spacious Fisher & Paykel 372 Litre Fridge Freezer. With a bottom freezer, the Fisher & Paykel RF372BRYW6 offers easy access to refrigerated goods. This large refrigerator boasts a gross capacity of 372L, so you can effortlessly store all of your groceries. Utilising Fisher & Paykel's innovative ActiveSmart technology, it analyses how many times a day the fridge door is opened and ensures that the unit maintains the optimal cool temperature. This 372 Litre Fridge Freezer offers ample space and will be the perfect addition to your household.

    • H 1620 x W 635 x D 695mm
    • Fresher food for longer with Activesmart foodcare
    • Ultra flat doors with concealed handles
    • Flexible storage
    • Easy cleaning with spill safe glass shelves
    • Door alarm
    • Frost free freezer with adaptive defrost
    • Produce bins with full extension runners
    • 373 L Total gross capacity
    • Right hand hinge
  • Fisher & Paykel 376 Litre Chest Freezer RC376W1
    $ 1599.00
    31 Fly Buys points

    Ergonomic and visually pleasing aluminium handle the length of the lidIt will look suitable in living areas and not need to be relegated tothe back shed or garage.

    • H 847 x W 1240 x D 655mm
    • Digital control panel
    • Fast freeze
    • Keylock function
    • Spring assisted lid
    • Removable wire baskets
    • LED lid light
    • 3 star energy rating
    • 2 years warranty
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Electric Wall Oven OB60SC7CEX2
    $ 2249.00
    44 Fly Buys points

    Built for performance with an intuitive, electronically controlled system that allows for precise mode selection across seven cooking functions. Designed to fit family-size dishes this oven has a substantial 72 litre internal capacity. Finished in black reflective glass with polished metal trim, the sleek lines and design detail match the rest of the Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliance family.

    • H 598 x W 597 x D 565mm
    • 7 cooking functions
    • 85 litre capacity
    • Capacitive touch controls
    • 6 shelf positions
    • Removable oven door
    • Self cleaning catalytic liners
    • AeroTech technology
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Ceramic Cooktop CE604DTB1
    $ 1869.00
    37 Fly Buys points

    This stylish Fisher & Paykel 60cm electric ceramic cooktop features 4 heat zones including dual element zone, unique touch & slide controls, individual hot surface indicators and more.

    • H 58 x W 600 x D 530mm
    • Hot surface indicators
    • Safety time out
    • Gentle heat function
    • Spillage auto-off
    • Key lock
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Pyrolytic Wall Oven OB60SD10PX1
    $ 3869.00
    77 Fly Buys points

    Multi-function flexibility: Featuring 10 functions with pre-set temperatures, from Roast to Pastry Bake to Fan Forced. With multiple shelves and the grill's even performance, this built-in oven suits a variety of cooking styles. Black goes with everything: As much a multi-function oven as a design component, the black built-in oven enhances your kitchen design without dominating it. It's understated and elegant whether on its own or part of a matching appliance set. Generous capacity: Designed for multi-shelf cooking, this built-in, 85L total capacity oven is one of the largest on the market. The spacious internal cavity provides ample room to create multiple dishes at once. Perfect results: Our built-in ovens feature ActiveVent technology for optimised moisture levels, and AeroTech for even heat distribution. Get perfect results even when you're using multiple shelves.

    • H 598 x W 596 x D 565mm
    • 10 cooking functions
    • 85 litre capacity
    • Pyrolytic self-cleaning breaks down food residue for an easy clean
    • Moisture level control with ActiveVent technology
    • Food probe included
    • CoolTouch door
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Ceramic Cooktop CE604CBX2
    $ 1399.00
    27 Fly Buys points

    Fisher & Paykels ceramic cooktops provide a completely flat profile. This allows you to move pots and pans around the hob simply and quickly whilst providing extra storage space when it is not in use. High speed ribbon elements heat up quickly and maintain an even temperature for faster cooking while the stylish dark ceramic glass surface is a breeze to clean

    • H 59 x W 600 x D 530mm
    • 4 cooking zones including 1 dual element
    • Flat easy clean surface
    • Temperature limiters
    • Individual hot surface indicators
    • Satin chrome control dials
    • Laser etched graphics
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Wall Rangehood HS60LXW4
    $ 469.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    The HS60LXW4 model can be both externally ducted through the top or back, or can recirculate air internally through its filters without the need for external ducting. Perfect for apartments.

    • H 180 x W 598 x D 280-460mm
    • Slides out for easy use when you need it
    • Two easy to clean, dishwasher safe filters that efficiently trap grease
    • The option to recirculate air internally without the need for externalducting
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Single Tall DishDrawer DD60SCTX9
    $ 1999.00
    39 Fly Buys points

    With the 60cm Single Tall DishDrawer, you can easily clean your dishes. This dishwasher features SmartDrive technology, which senses the size of each load in order to use less water. It features a flow-through detergent dispenser and has fan-assisted drying, helping to speed up the overall drying process. With height-adjustable cup racks, this dishwasher is great for allowing you to easily clean larger dishes.

    • H 454 x W 599 x D 571mm
    • 7 place settings
    • 9 wash programs
    • Ergonomic superior design
    • Water star rating 4.5
    • Energy star rating 3.5
    • Adjustable cup racks
    • Folding tines
    • Flexible racking
    • Key lock
    • Stainless steel
  • Fisher & Paykel 60cm Electric Duo Wall Oven OB60B77DEX3
    $ 3999.00
    79 Fly Buys points

    This 1.5 oven is in the European format with the smaller oven on the the top and the larger oven underneath. In addition, both large and small cavities have the full seven cooking functions - a unique selling point and a feature cherished by New Zealanders.

    • H 888 x W 595 x D 567mm
    • 60L and 43L oven capacities
    • 7 cooking functions in both ovens
    • Powerful 3kW grill (bottom oven) & 2.7kW grill (top oven)
    • Side self cleaning catalytic panels
    • Digital clock with automatic cooking functions
    • Cool touch triple glazed door
    • Telescopic runners