• Ilve 18 Bottle Wine Cabinet


    $ 1099.00
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    Bonus $200 Noel Leeming Gift Card. Offer ends 7 July 2020.

    It has been established that wine should be stored in a dark area, in a temperature of approximate 12°C - 16°C and with a humidity level of around 70% to ensure the cork doesn?t dry out and the wine doesn?t spoil. These conditions can be difficult to find naturally in the home, so the ILVE Wine Cellars are a great option for the long-term storage of wine, as the humidity and single temperature control feature that keeps wine stored between 12°C and 16°C ensures that winequality is maintained as it matures.

    • H 835 x W 295 x D 580mm
    • Anti-UV glass
    • Digital display
    • Touch controls
    • LED lights
  • Ilve 142 Can Beverage Centre


    $ 1999.00
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    Bonus $200 Noel Leeming Gift Card. Offer ends 7 July 2020.

    The ILVE?s Beverage Centre makes up the newest addition to the impressive wine and beverage storage ILVE collection. Allowing you to store Beer, Soft Drinks or Sparking Wine at an optimum humidity and temperature controlled environment and boasting an impressive array of features with the sleek-look that is signature of ILVE appliances, this Beverage Centre is sure to become a household necessity.

    • H 820 x W 595 x D 572mm
    • 146 litres net
    • Door lock / child lock
    • 2-10°C temperature range
    • Temperature alarm
    • Temperature memory setting
    • Touch control