Incipio Phone Cables & Chargers

  • Incipio GHOST Qi 15W 1-Coil Wireless Charging Pad


    $ 29.97

    Charge untangled with the GHOST Qi 15W Wireless Charging Pad. Engineered for 15 watts of rapid refuelling, it charges Qi-enabled smartphones and tablets to full capacity three times faster than standard five-watt charging pads and alerts you with an audio cue when charging begins and ends. It's finished with a matte black, rubberized frame that ensures your device stays put while powering up.

    • Universal charging pad works with all Qi enabled devices
    • Matte, rubberized exterior secures device while charging
    • Audio cue confirms charging initiation and completion
    • Built-in LED illuminates while in use
  • Incipio GHOST Qi 15W 3-Coil Wireless Charging Pad


    $ 80.97
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    Step into the future of charging with the GHOST Qi 3-Coil Wireless Charging Base. Compatible with all Qi-enabled phones, the GHOST Qi 3-Coil Wireless Charging Base is a small stationary platform with three internal coils that connect wirelessly to your Qi-enabled device to transfer charge. Its sophisticated design guides the process with an audio cue to confirm when charging has begun. A sleek solution for cordless charging, the GHOST Qi 3-Coil Wireless Charging Base is ideal for your desk, kitchen, or nightstand as a convenient place to drop and charge your Qi device anytime!

    • Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Base works universally with all Qi-enabled devices.
    • 3-coil design provides larger charging surface
    • Built-in LED illuminates while in use