LD Systems Portable Speakers

  • LD Systems Bluetooth Roadbuddy 10


    $ 1199.00
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    Take the LD Systems Bluetooth Roadbuddy 10 with you to listen to your favourite songs on-the-go. This speaker has Bluetooth, so you can pair it with other devices to access and play songs from your music library. It has an integrated microphone, which ensures optimal sound quality and extra clarity when making hands-free calls. It has a built-in LED display, showing critical information such as battery level, time and alarm status.

    • Battery-powered PA speaker
    • 120W RMS
    • 480W Peak Power
    • Supported Media USB stick, SD Card, Bluetooth
    • Handheld Wireless Microphone included - Frequency Range 655 - 679MHz
    • IR Remote for Media Player,
    • Stand mount 36 mm,
    • Extendable Transport handle,
    • Transport casters