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  • Moyork LUMO Foldable Ergo Laptop Stand MOYO-LU-FLSG
    $ 59.99
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    Our Laptop Stand is the perfect remote working accessory for your laptop, notebook, or tablet. The design makes it is easy to take with you between the office, home or your local cafe. The stand comes in Space Grey/Black making it the perfect complement to your existing Apple Macbook or PC Notebooks.

    • Safer Viewing Angle: The stand raises your laptop screen, making it safer and more ergonomic
    • Cushioning: The rubberised base and pads on top of the stand ensures a safe and secure surface to use your device, without worrying about damaging your work space surface or notebook.
    • Foldable Design: The collapsible design not only makes it portable so it can fit in your bag, case or backpack but it also prevents overheating of your notebook.
    • Aluminium Construction: The sleek aluminium design of the stand ensures long-lasting quality and durability
    • Suitable for most Apple Macbooks and PC Notebooks