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  • Navman A20 Rear Camera AC001020
    $ 149.99
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    What's happening behind you can be just as important as what is happening in front of you, particularly if you're in an accident. The Navman A20 Rear Camera Accessory Kit enables 2 Channel Dual Recording front and rear, simultaneously to compatible Navman DRIVEDUO Series and Navman MiVUE Dash Cam Series devices. Record high quality video footage in wide angle 1080p Full HD resolution.

    • Suitable for: Navman DRIVE DUO, DRIVE DUO SUV and MiVUE780. This is not a standalone camera or a reversing camera and will only function when connected to a compatible device.
    • For full list of compatible products please visit our website /
    • 2 Channel Dual Camera Recording
    • Full HD 1080p recording
    • High Quality Glass Lens