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  • Nokia 7.2


    $ 549.00
    10 Fly Buys points

    Unleash your creativity with Nokia 7.2. Capture incredible photos, watch all your videos in HDR and go without charging for up to 2 days. Plus, it all runs smoothly on Android 9 Pie software, so just when you think it's at its best, it just keeps getting better.

    • 48MP Triple camera with ZEISS optics
    • 2-day battery life
    • 6.3" always-on HDR quality display
    • Dedicated Google Assistant button for quick access to unlock your connected world
  • Nokia 6.1 Smartphone


    $ 469.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    Make the Nokia 6.1 Smartphone your new go-to mobile companion and virtual assistant. This phone is equipped with a 2.2GHz Octa-Core processor and Android 8.1 and includes IPS LCD technology, which will ensure that your screen displays graphics in colours as close to their natural hues as possible, and in crystal-clear sharpness. With a 5.5" screen, it displays your texts and images in crystal-clear detail. It includes Bluetooth technology, so you can connect to and play your music through any compatible speakers. Featuring an 8-megapixel front and 16-megapixel rear camera, this phone will allow you to take top-quality pictures with added precision. This Android smartphone has NFC functionality, which allows you to scan your phone as if it were a credit card and pair with other compatible devices seamlessly. With 32GB of internal memory, it provides enough space for your various apps, messages, and media.

    • 5.5" IPS LCD display
    • 2.2GHz octa-core processor
    • 16MP main camera & 8MP front camera
    • 3000mAh battery
  • Nokia 4.2 - Pink 32GB


    $ 297.00
    5 Fly Buys points

    Nokia 4.2 delivers a pure Android experience with Android One, running on Android 9 Pie. No clutter, no third-party software, and free monthly security updates that - amazingly - don't slow down your phone. Add that to an AI that learns how you use the phone, plus predictive shortcutting for apps and wellbeing tools, and you've got an Android experience that's hard to put down..

    • 5.5" FHD LCD display
    • 2GHz Octacore
    • 16MP rear - 8MP front camera
    • 32GB Internal mermory - expandable up to 256GB micros SD card
    • Android Oreo Operating System
  • Nokia 2.3 Grey


    $ 219.00
    4 Fly Buys points

    Discover the power of AI on Nokia 2.3 with Android One. It lasts up to 2 days with Adaptive Battery technology, takes epic shots with AI imaging - even in low light - and unlocks with a glance. It also brings great stories to life on the impressive 6.2 inch HD+ screen. Plus, its ready for Android 10 and beyond so you can look forward to 2 years of software upgrades and 3 years of security - all within an easy-to-use, intuitive and customisable pure Android experience.

    • Future-proof Android
    • 2-day Adaptive Battery
    • European design with textured finish
    • AI dual cameras with low light imaging
  • Nokia 1.3 Grey


    $ 169.00
    3 Fly Buys points

    Get so much more with Nokia 1.3, bringing you a faster, more secure smartphone experience with the brand-new Android 10TM (Go edition). Enjoy watching videos on the large 5.71 inch HD+ display with all-day battery life1. Plus, be one of the first to experience Camera Go, made by Google to be fast and take beautiful photos combined with low-light AI image fusion technology so you can capture great shots even in darker conditions. All this and more, within a sleek, durable European design featuring a tough 3D nano-textured back and stunning colour finish.

    • All-day battery life
    • Camera Go - made by Google
    • Up to 400GB expandable storage
  • Nokia 1 Smartphone Dark Blue


    $ 97.00
    1 Fly Buys points

    Choose the Nokia 1 Smartphone Dark Blue for its high-quality design and enhanced features. This smartphone combines a 1.1GHz Quad-Core processor with Android 8.1 and includes IPS LCD screen technology, so it will display your content media in the most natural tones. Equipped with a 4.5" display, it offers a clear viewing experience. With Bluetooth technology, the Nokia 1 allows you to pair your phone with compatible devices. It includes a 2-megapixel front and 5-megapixel rear camera, so it takes stunning pictures. The Nokia 1 comes with 8GB of built-in memory, which gives you plenty of storage space for apps, emails and music.

    • 4.5" IPS LCD screen
    • 1.1GHz quad-core processor
    • 5MP main camera & 2MP front camera
    • Locked to the Spark network