Nyko Gaming Accessories

  • Nyko Xbox One Modular Charge Station EX


    $ 59.99
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    An easier way to charge Xbox One Wireless Controllers. Modular Charge Station EX is designed to be compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It features two NiMH rechargeable batteries allowing for easy drop and charge functionality. The Modular Charge Station EX is powered by one of the USB ports on the rear of the console and features two pass-through ports on the back. Modular Charge Station EX attaches to the top of the console, saving space and adapting to the Xbox One console's décor.

    • Two rechargeable NiMH batteries and battery covers are included for easy drop and charge functionality
    • Compatible with Microsoft's wireless controllers for Xbox One
    • Charges two Xbox One Wireless Controllers at the same time
    • Compatible with the Xbox One Elite Controller
    • Features two USB pass-through ports
  • Nyko Xbox One Power Pack


    $ 19.99

    Keep your wireless controller for Xbox One® charged and ready for action with the Power Pak. The Power Pak is a rechargeable NiMH battery designed exclusively for the wireless controller for Xbox One® and the rigorous demands of gamers. The high capacity 1400mAh provides up to 25 hours of playtime on a single charge and is fully compatible with most recharging methods. This includes charging solutions from Microsoft® and Nyko as well as our unique Charge Block. Whether by cable or dock, the Power Pak is designed to be versatile enough to work with your existing Nyko charging solution. The Power Pak is the ideal solution for powering your wireless controller, while also saving money on expensive and wasteful AA batteries. Also included is a replacement battery cover for the Xbox One® wireless controller.

    • High quality NiMH rechargeable battery for excellent performance and long life
    • Compatible with Microsoft's wireless controller for Xbox One®, Play and Charge Kit and most Nyko charging solutions
    • CE approved for safety and quality assurance
    • Eliminates the need for expensive and wasteful disposable batteries
    • Up to 25 hours of play per charge
  • Nyko Switch Screen Armour


    $ 19.99

    Protect the screen of the Nintendo Switch with Screen Armor from Nyko. Screen Armor protects against scratches, chips, fingerprints and smudges. A 9H hardness rating tempered glass screen protector provides top of the line protection and the rounded edges prevent chipping and snagging. The Oleophobic coating helps guard the screen against everyday wear and tear. Screen Armor is thin enough to be applied and allow the console to be docked to enjoy TV Mode. Included in the package is a set of cleaning wipes to prepare the screen before applying Screen Armor.

    • 9H hardness rating provides top of the line protection against scratches and damage
    • Guards against fingerprints and smudges
    • Rounded edges prevent chipping and snagging
    • Includes a set of cleaning wipes (1 Wet, 1 Dry)